Monday, June 5, 2017

I just had a funny experience. I had a routine dental visit, for a cleaning and checkup. And I knew that dentists are used to looking at very subtle differences between images. For instance, he might compare an x-ray of a tooth from a year ago to a current one, and see the slightest change, and something that most people wouldn't notice at all, and realize that it's a cavity. So, I printed this out and brought it with me. I said, "Hey, Doc, do me a favor. Take a look at this. I want you to tell me if you think it is the same person."

 His response was:

"What, is this some kind of trick question? They are obviously not the same person."

And then I busted up laughing, and I gotta tell you, I am still laughing. Outside of JFK-land, people have no trouble seeing it, that these are not the same man.  That man was most certainly not Jack Ruby. 

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