Monday, June 5, 2017

I have talked a lot about the condition of the back of the neck, but now, let's talk about the hair on his head. The Garage Shooter had a hell of a lot of it. He had long hair; very long hair by 1963 standards; and longer hair than Jack Ruby.

On the left, the shooter's hair is so long, it is curling up at the bottom. It's like he was getting ready for the arrival of the Beatles. Jack Ruby's hair on the right wasn't nearly that long. This is in addition to the fact that Jack Ruby was scruffy below his hairline while the Garage Shooter was clean-shaven. 

And to be honest, James Bookhout's hair wasn't as long as this either. On the contrary, his hair was very short and closely cropped, as were all these law enforcement guys. And that means one of two things: either what we are seeing on the left is a photographic alteration OR James Bookhout wore a wig. 

And why would they do such a thing? It's because it was very typical for all those law enforcement guys, both DPD and FBI, to have very short hair, closely cropped, a very clean-cut, clean-shaven look. They didn't want the Garage Shooter to stand out as being from law enforcement, so they lengthened his hair. 

The above photo of the shooter is from the Jackson photo, but his hair looks much the same in the Beers photo.

You know that Jack Ruby didn't have hair that long. He wasn't Ringo Starr. I just don't know if James Bookhout wore a toupee or if it was done through photographic enhancement. It may have been both.

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