Monday, June 5, 2017

It was system-wide, I tell you. I keep saying that the Dallas Police and the FBI killed Oswald. James Bookhout was just a cog in the wheel. It wasn't his operation; he just had a role in it. He was an actor in it, but he wasn't the producer of the play.

And, I don't believe that those Dallas cops and FBI agents would have done it on their own. Why? Because we are talking about murder. 

No, the order had to come from high above, and I mean the White House. It must have come down from Johnson himself that the country needed closure, that a protracted trial would be devastating to the country, that everyone knows that Oswald is guilty, so we're just doing what a jury would inevitably order. We're just speeding it up some because Oswald has done enough damage to this country, and we can't let him do any more. 

That was the gist of it, I really do believe. The Dallas Police were made to see it as a patriotic act- something they were doing for America- and I'm sure they did.

And before anyone says it's impossible because someone would have talked, how?  If they were all accomplices to murder, how could any of them talk? And even if one of them became so overwhelmed with guilt that he was determined to take himself and all of them down, where was he going to go? What was he going to do? Go to the media? What were they going to do with it? 

No. If that had happened, and there wasn't much chance, that guy would have been railroaded- like Roger Craig. 

We know that this was a system-wide thing. Look how the media immediately caved. The whole stinking media. Look how there were photo and film alterers in place right away to do their dirty work. The plan to do this may have been in place BEFORE the JFK assassination.  But if so, I suspect it was as a last resort because I really think they hoped and expected that Oswald would be killed by police at the Texas Theater. And if it had gone that way, I wonder what would have followed. Would the resistance have been greater or less? I think it would have looked awfully bad if Oswald had died and been silenced that way. But, on the other hand, Oswald did a lot of damage the last two days of his life, with his vociferous denials and very clear, cogent, and coherent responses. And speaking of that, are you aware that Jack Ruby didn't make any statements at all on 11/24? He wasn't like Oswald in the hallways, who fielded questions from reporters, and there were plenty of them. Ruby was totally quiet. All that talk about him saying things like, "I hope the son of a bitch dies" we don't hear, and we don't see it in him either- that attitude. Oswald was, in comparison to Ruby, a chatterbox on the day of his arrest.

So, why was that so? Why was Oswald a chatterbox while Ruby was mute? Why didn't we hear any of that bravado of his, which they claimed he had? The short answer is: drugs. I suspect that Jack Ruby was high as a kite on 11/24/63. And maybe he got help and encouragement to get high as a kite on 11/24/63. 

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