Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Uh-oh. Trouble.

David Von Pein: Yes, Ruby was certainly wearing his jacket when he shot Lee Oswald, and he's not wearing it when he was being escorted by the police to the elevator in the jail office just a few minutes later.

That's impossible for reasons I have already stated, but mainly because they would have cuffed him right away, and once cuffed, there was no removing his jacket. But, look what happened when he gets to the elevator a few seconds later. 

Is he not in his jacket? What else could that darkness be? So, you figure they put his jacket back on him? But, how could they when he was in handcuffs?

His hands are cuffed behind his back there, right? 
So, how could they put his jacket back on him? How could he get his arms in the sleeves? 

Here's the link to it. It's from David Von Pein. 


The first, without the jacket, occurs at 26:32, and the second, with the jacket, occurs at 26:37. So, just 5 seconds between them. You couldn't get a jacket on in 5 seconds even without handcuffs. With handcuffs, you couldn't get it on in 5 hours- or at all. That's because of the handcuffs.  

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