Tuesday, June 6, 2017

I think I figured it out. So, Ruby was being led along in just a shirt.

But then, a few seconds later, he gets to the elevator,  and he is back in a jacket. Except, it's not really a jacket. It's really just a black screen that was added to the film. And that must be true because how could he possibly get into a jacket in just a few seconds? And if his hands were cuffed, how could he get into a jacket at all?  

So, what were they trying to accomplish there? Were they concerned about his lack of a jacket? Did they realize that, if they were trying to sell the idea that he was just being brought in, that he really needed to be in a jacket? Maybe, but if they realized that, then why wouldn't they realize it for the earlier frames?

Why would they fix his lack of a jacket in the elevator frames but not in the earlier frames in which he's walking to the elevator? He needed a jacket just as much there. So, it doesn't make sense, and that's why I have concluded that it must have been something else. Rather than the lack of a jacket, maybe it was the lack of handcuffs. Maybe he wasn't really handcuffed. Above, he seems to be in handcuffs, with his arms behind, but we really can't tell, can we? It's really more implied, isn't it? So, let's look at a succeeding frame. 

What is going on there? His arms look too short. Are they going behind his back? It really looks weird and artificial and unrealistic to me. I have my doubts that he was really handcuffed. But then they get to the elevator with his back to us.

So, what if they didn't want to fake the handcuffs here? What if they felt that it was just too much art to add to the image? What if they felt that it just wouldn't look photographic? So, they use this black screen instead and just cover up the whole area- just spread the black paint. 

Again, I start with the idea that if their purpose was to give him a jacket, they would have recognized the need for it in the earlier frames as well. And, it obviously can't be a jacket since he couldn't get it on that fast, nor could he get it on at all over handcuffs. I suppose some fool will argue that what they're doing there is holding his jacket up to his back, but why would they do that? For what purpose? And again, it doesn't look like a jacket. It has none of the features of a jacket. It really just looks like a black screen.

So, they brought Jack Ruby down from the 5th floor in just a shirt. And note that they were going for a disheveled look, and it's easier to make a shirt look disheveled than a jacket. What can you do to a jacket? There isn't much. 

Ruby was out of it mentally. He was on drugs. He was high as a kite. They did that whole arrangement of his shirt, with it torn open. It's theater. And notice how his right arm abruptly ends. Why would it do that? Even in handcuffs, we should be seeing more of it. 

And then, it gets weird and hard to figure out. Who knows what the hell is going on there.

And then he gets to the elevator, and they gave up. They weren't going to mess with it. They just covered up the whole area in blackness.

I think that is the most likely scenario, that they brought Ruby down from the 5th floor to insert him into the footage for the first time, but they did it without his jacket and without any handcuffs. Then, they tried to do something about the handcuffs. But, the jacket? Either they didn't think anyone would notice, or they didn't notice it themselves. 

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