Tuesday, June 6, 2017

So, what are the shills are going to say about this, to explain it, what we're seeing here?

Well, one never knows because they are capable of saying anything. Nothing is too outrageous. They might say that it's all shadow, that he's in just a shirt there, as he was a moment before. 

So, they may say it's all shadow. I already mentioned the possibility that they'll say that it's a jacket being held up to Ruby's back, although I can't imagine why anyone would do that. But, what else might they say? They might blame Youtube and say that it's distortion. They might blame me and say it's due to my screen grab. But, they can watch the film themselves, and they will see it. It occurs at 26:37 in this video:


And, you can hear a mistake by the reporter. He mistakenly thinks that Ruby, who is being led away, is Oswald. And he refers to his shirt being ripped open.

"He is injured. They are taking him back upstairs now. His shirt is ripped open."

Then you hear another reporter say:

"That's not Oswald. That is apparently the man who did the shooting."

So, I don't know what the shills are going to say about this. If they were smart, they wouldn't say anything. They would just ignore this. They wouldn't want to fight about it. They would want to pass and hope that I move on to something else.  

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