Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's bad enough that Jack Ruby is seen being led through the jail office in just his shirt when the garage shooter was wearing a jacket. It was too soon for him to have gotten out of his jacket. And, once they handcuffed him, there was no getting the jacket off without removing the handcuffs. So, how could he be handcuffed in just a shirt? But then, they lead him to the elevator to go up to the 5th floor, and when he gets to the elevator, presto, now he's wearing a jacket again.

We are talking about a lapse in time of 5 seconds between left to right. So, how could he be out of his jacket, and then how can he be back in his jacket?

The fact is that Ruby had been up on the 5th floor for quite a while, and then they brought him down precisely to merge him into the scene- as if he was part of it. His jacket was still up on the 5th floor. They forgot about it. So, what are we seeing on the right? It's not his jacket. It is photographic flim-flam. Notice that you don't see any features of a a jacket. It's a black screen, added to the frame, and for the reason that he probably wasn't really handcuffed, and they had to hide that fact. Notice that you don't see any handcuffs on the left either.  This whole thing was just a show. It was Ruby's catwalk. This was the switch in the bait and switch. Jack Ruby was not in the garage during the televised spectacle; he was up on the 5th floor waiting- in his drugged condition. Then they brought him down and paraded him around just so that he would be captured on film and inserted into the scene. There is no other explanation. He could NOT have gotten out of that jacket any other way.  

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