Sunday, June 4, 2017

Jack Ruby was hypnotized; it is the only explanation for why he went down the ramp. 

What explanation did he give? He said he went to the ramp because of the crowd gathered there. And they had no excuse for being there because it was an incoming ramp. So they, undoubtedly, were there to lure Ruby. But, going to the ramp and walking down the ramp are two different things. Why did he walk down the ramp? He never gave an explanation. What was his purpose? What did he expect to see or do or accomplish once he got down there? Obviously, it wasn't to shoot Oswald, and he made that clear. And it's confirmed by the fact that he brought his dog Sheba along, which he would not have done if he knew he was going to be arrested.  So, why then did he go down there? He did not know. 

Ruby didn't know why he went down there. And that is the same as saying that he had no reason to go down there; that he wasn't acting on his own will.  He must have been told to go there. 

Note that we have seen this before. Why did Oswald go to the theater? It wasn't because he had a hankering for a war movie. It wasn't to get off the street after having killed Tippit because he didn't kill Tippit. OSWALD MUST HAVE BEEN TOLD TO GO TO THE THEATER. And, the same is true of Ruby going to the basement. 

But, Ruby could not have just been told plainly because he would have remembered that. He had to be told in a way that he wouldn't remember being told, and that way is hypnosis. Jack Ruby was hypnotized.  It must have been under hypnosis that he was told, which is why he didn't remember being told. It explains why his mind was blank about it. That is all we can surmise from the fact that he did something (went down the ramp to the garage) without knowing why he did it. 

Here again is the article from Rense by Michael Levy about Jack Ruby being a "Manchurian Candidate" which makes reference to professional testimony that Ruby was psychotic. However, where Levy went wrong is in not realizing that the hypnotic trance was just to make Ruby go to the garage. They didn't need him to kill Oswald, and they didn't want him to kill Oswald. They just wanted him to make him go there, so that they could frame him for it.   

So, who hypnotized Jack Ruby? There was a hypnotist who worked for him, William Crowe, whose stage name was Bill DeMar. Crowe worked as a stage hypnotist at Jack Ruby's Carousel Club. But, that is the only thing I have been able to find out about William Crowe. 

Let's turn again to the timeline of Jack Ruby's movements assembled by Moyer and Windsor.  And note again that on Friday afternoon, they have Ruby going from the Dallas Morning News at the time of the assassination (which was very close to Dealey Plaza) to Parkland Hospital to the Carousel Club to his sister Eva Grant's apartment with no going to the Dallas PD at 2:00. 

And to those who would glibly say that they must be wrong, no. The whole thing is based on testimonies- where people said they saw Ruby. So, if someone had reported seeing Ruby at the DPD at 2:00, it would have made it in there. 

At 2:05 PM, Ruby called his sister Eileen in Chicago from the Carousel Club. The call lasted 8 minutes, and it was "verified" meaning that it was found in the phone records. So, the Jack Ruby at the Homicide Bureau on Friday afternoon really was an impostor.   

Sometime that weekend, either on Saturday or perhaps early Sunday morning, somebody planted the thought in Ruby's mind, through hypnotic suggestion, that he go to the police ramp and go down to the basement. We need to look at Ruby's closest confidantes and associates, such as George Senator, Larry Crafard, and Andy Armstrong. We need to look closely at Karen "Little Lynn" Carlin, as well as her husband Bruce Carlin. And ultimately, we may find the one who actually did it. 


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