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Let's see what else we can glean from the WFAA footage. The Oswald shooting reportedly occurred at 11:21, and it took them about 20 seconds to clear the area. This shows the guy closing the door. Both Oswald and Ruby are already inside.

After that, the screen goes black, and when the picture comes back, the camera is inside the jail office. 

These cops are, presumably, gazing down at Oswald, but we have no way of conforming it. I don't believe that Oswald was shot in the garage. So, there was certainly no reason why he should be lying on the floor there. 

That's Blackie Harrison. I don't recognize anyone else. Jim Leavelle said that he remained by Oswald, and so did Combest. Combest even said that Oswald communicated by shaking his head yes and no to questions. That does seem impossible, considering how long ago Oswald supposedly had his aorta blown out. 

In this shot, we can see the clock on the wall, and it would be nice if we could read the time. We can't, but I have to wonder if that was by accident or on purpose. 

 In the above shot, I recognize Detective Lowery from behind. He was standing next to the wall next to Comest. After the shooting, he was seen putting his hand on his firearm, as if he was going to pull out, but it was late in the game, and he never did pull it out. You'd think that if he was going to pull it out, he'd done it right away.

Finally, we get to the frames of Ruby.

So, according to what we see, Ruby's jacket was removed between the door and that spot. 

Mr. GRIFFIN. I want to move away from the reports, go back to what happened on the 24th. As I understand it from the reports that I have marked here for identification, you remained with Ruby from the time that he was brought into the jail office until about 3:30 in the afternoon. Is that correct?
Mr. McMILLON. I was with Ruby from the time that I first grabbed an arm out there and the scuffle followed; I was with him from that point until about 3:30 in the afternoon, and during this time that I was with him on the fifth floor until 3:30 in the afternoon, I was away at different times for short intervals.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, when you got Ruby up to the fifth floor, was he dressed?
Mr. McMILLON. Yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Now, did there come a time when you searched him thoroughly and undressed him?
Mr. McMILLON. Yes.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Were you present during that time?
Mr. McMILLON. During part of that time.
Mr. GRIFFIN. Do you recall who else was present?
Mr. McMILLON. Detective Archer, Detective Clardy, some of the jail personnel.

You notice that nothing was said about moving his jacket in the jail office. And note that McMillon said he grabbed an arm "out there and the scuffle followed." But, how could a scuffle follow? If McMillon had one arm, and Harrison had him around the torso, as we saw, and somebody else had the other arm, how could it not have been over for Ruby right there and then? How a scuffle ensue from that? Was Jack Ruby Superman? 

Now, let's read Detective Dan Archer's account:

Mr. HUBERT. All right, then, he was brought into the jail office immediately?
Mr. ARCHER. After the shot was fired, sir, I tried to move forward, but I was cut off by the other officers. The--I started forward, well, the struggle went to my left as I moved forward, individually worked itself way around in back of me, and just as they reached the jail office, well, I took his left arm and assisted them in walking--I went into the jail office with him.
Mr. HUBERT. All right. What happened next?
Mr. ARCHER. After we took him into the jail office?
Mr. HUBERT. Yes.
Mr. ARCHER. After we got the subject into the jail office I still didn't know who he was. Someone asked where the gun was. Now, I had not, up to this point, seen the gun other than just an instant after the shot was fired when I caught sight of this man again, which was Ruby. I didn't see the gun. I was interested in knowing where the gun was, or if he still had the gun and we took him on into the jail office and I assisted in keeping his left arm behind him and someone got his right. I couldn't say who it was that had his other arm. Laid him down on the floor, his head and face were away from me at that particular time. But that is when I said, "Who is he?"
I made that statement, because I didn't know who it was and Ruby then turned his face in my direction. He didn't look directly at me. His face had been turned in this manner [indicating]. He then turned in this manner [indicating], and he--that is when he said, "You all know me, I'm Jack Ruby."
Mr. HUBERT. What happened next in that jail office area?
Mr. ARCHER. When we had the subject on the floor, I was reaching for my handcuffs. I reached back in this manner [indicating] to unhook my handcuffs off my belt, and Detective McMillon was astraddle and over him, over Ruby, and I believe I said, "Mac, do you need my cuffs?" About that time, "No; I have got it now." And said he placed the cuffs on Ruby.
Mr. HUBERT. What did you do next?

So, Archer claims to have "assisted" Ruby in walking into the jail office. Then they fussed about whether Ruby still had a gun. Hmm. That's weird. Didn't they see Graves take the gun away from him? So then, they pushed Ruby to the floor, and both Archer and McMillon reached for their cuffs, but it was McMillon's cuffs that went on Ruby. "He (McMillon) placed the cuffs on Ruby." Note that it cannot be derived from that that they removed his jacket. If they removed his jacket, they would have said so, and they didn't. 

Mr. ARCHER. After he got the cuffs on him, there were still--oh, there was still lots of confusion going on, and several statements were being made or being asked. I don't know. They seemed--some of the statements seemed to come from behind me. I don't know whether it was reporters looking into the jail office or just who it was, but there were some statements made inquiring--several people were asking, "Who is he?" Did he hit him? Did he shoot him? Or things of that nature, as I recall. And he said at that particular point, "I hope I killed the son-of-a-bitch."
I think Captain King was there just a very short time. We began to get--McMillon and I and Detective Clardy, I know the three of us and perhaps one or two other officers, I couldn't say for sure, assisted Ruby to his feet, and we started toward the jail elevator with him, along with Captain King. I believe Captain King said at that point in there somewhere, "Let's get him onto the elevator and take him to the fifth floor jail." So, we then went to the elevator. They put him on the elevator, and I believe that I was either last, or near the last getting on the elevator, and then we proceeded on to the fifth floor jail.
Mr. HUBERT. What did you do when you got up there?
Mr. ARCHER. After we got to the fifth floor jail we took him back to the investigative section of the jail, which is just an open section, not a cell. Just an open section of the jail, and we began to search him for any weapons. We were, at least I was mainly concerned as to whether he had any other weapons on him at all. We stripped him and stripped him of his clothing, and I wasn't interested too much in personal property, but mainly searching for weapons or bombs, or anything else he might have concealed on him.

Alright, that settles it: they did not begin to search him for weapons until they got up to the 5th floor. Referring to the 5th floor, "we began to search him for any weapons. We stripped him and stripped him of his clothing..." 

So, there is no basis to think or claim that they removed his jacket in the jail office, and that is clear as a bell.

Now, I found something that is fantastic. Go to the video. Start at the 27 minute mark, which is after they took Ruby upstairs. You will hear the reporter say, "It is now 11:24 here in Dallas."

So, even though we can't read the time on the clock, we do have that from the reporter. And you don't have to take my word for it. You can listen to it yourself. He says it about 30 seconds after we see Ruby. So, that would mean that the passing of Ruby occurs at 11:23.5, approximately, which was 2 1/2 minutes after the shooting, approximately. So, it was very early on, and it is ridiculous to think that Ruby's jacket could have been removed. It could NOT have been removed. 

Then, the next thing that happens is Oswald is rolled out to the garage on the stretcher, and the camera follows. Could this be Bookhout?

I think it could be Bookhout. He said he was there following the stretcher out. That man looks to be short, and I am getting the sense he had a round face. And get this: he doesn't go any further; he doesn't get any closer. From there, he turns around and goes back inside. 

He turns around and gets out of there. You see him exiting. THAT GUY DEFINITELY LEAVES. He turns around and goes back inside. Who would do that? James Bookhout, that's who. He is probably James Bookhout. 

Then they show you the blood stains which don't look like blood stains.

Then they show you the time, and it's 11:26.

Ruby must have been brought down from the 5th floor, and that's where his jacket was. They must have had him tucked away in the corner. He was in a drug-dazed stupor, so he didn't know up from down. And then they waltzed him by in front of the camera. 

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