Monday, June 5, 2017

Look at these images again of the Garage Shooter in both the Jackson and Beers photos because they show how long his hair was, which was extremely long by 1963 standards.

OK, now start looking at hair length among these, starting with the Dallas detectives.

I have to wonder if Fritz had a policy that his men had to get a haircut every week so that they were always cut short. And it was the same way for the FBI agents. I won't use an image of James Bookhout since my argument concerns him, but here is Nat Pinkston.

Some people want to dispute that that's the same guy, but if they're not: imagine if they ran into each other. On the left, it's from the aftermath of the Oswald shooting. 

So, law enforcement was closely cropped across the board, and I think the purpose of giving the Garage Shooter a Beatles hairdo is to send the message: "this guy ain't law enforcement; he is the antithesis of law enforcement." Of course, he was law enforcement: FBI Agent James Bookhout.

Jack Ruby definitely did not have hair as long as the Garage Shooter.

That is from November 24, 1963, Ruby's mug shot. It is not as long as this:

 Note that that is really really long. There are strands there. The hair curling up at the bottom. And the skin is clean of hair, which means that a razor was taken to it recently. So, the implication is that this guy's hair is long because he chose to wear it long. It was a conscious decision, not just a delay in getting to the barber. 

But, men didn't do that in 1963. It definitely is not Ruby's hair, and it certainly isn't Bookhout's. So, what do you think explains it? Did James Bookhout wear a wig to the shooting or is this photo-editing: art that was added to the photo? What I say is: both. I'm sure there was some photoshopping done, and I am using the term generically. But, I assume Bookhout would have realized that he was too closely sheared to be taken for Ruby. Here he is in the hallway of the DPD the evening before.

That image was probably altered too. But, Bookhout knew he was going to be photographed from behind. That was the plan: to capture photos of him from behind which would not show his face. Note that as soon as he "shot" Oswald he jumped in front of him, putting his back to the camera. That was planned, so he had to know that that part of him was going to be seen, and it was no good for the Garage Shooter to look closely cropped like a cop or FBI agent. So, I think he wore a hairpiece, and it's precisely the kind of thing that he would have thought of. False hair, a wig, is the centerpiece of many disguises. It's the first thing that people think of when fashioning a disguise; that and a hat, which he also wore. The third thing is glasses, which he did not wear.  

So yes, I think that James Bookhout wore a hairpiece during the fake shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald. 

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