Saturday, June 3, 2017

On the left is Ruby's County Jail mugshot taken on 11/25. And as you can see, it's very different from Opening Act Ruby. You can see again his scruffy neck in back- going all the way down to his collar, in contrast to the clean razored neck on the other guy. And no, you can't attribute that to photography and lighting. That's just reaching into your drawers for an excuse. Notice also that Ruby's nose on the left was not as "Roman" as the guy on the right, whose nose is extremely "Roman." And notice on the left that, like a normal human being, Ruby's ear was snug next to his sideburn. Look at that ridiculous gap on the other guy. And what could possibly be casting that shadow over the man's eyes on the right? Ruby didn't have sunglasses. So, if that's shadow, what object is casting it? His hat? His hat wouldn't cast a shadow like that. Nothing would; nothing could. It's fake. He wasn't Ruby, and it was after the fact that they decided to turn him into Ruby. 

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