Saturday, June 3, 2017

We can state with absolute certainty that the pre-bolt "Ruby" seen milling around behind Blackie Harrison was not the same man that rushed Oswald, who was James Bookhout.  But, what actually happened? Did they actually send two men to that garage to play Ruby?

That's possible, but I doubt it. It's just too complicated. It's extremely unlikely that they would have conceived such a complex plan. It's more likely that it was an afterthought. 

Remember that in 1963, nobody at home at a DVD recorder or Tivo. So, if they made changes to it later, nobody could expose it by showing the original.  And nobody was likely to remember either.

So, NBC had the freedom to do whatever they wanted, to alter the film for later showings.  I think it's likely that they noticed afterwards that this guy could be turned into Jack Ruby.

Even in silhouette on the left below, we can see that he looked different, with a pointed, chiseled nose and not a big bulbous one. 

So, what I am saying is that everything about that face on the right is fake, and you have to admit it is a rough piece of work.  The sunglasses, or what some are calling shadow around his eyes (which is impossibe) is fake. The big bulbous nose is fake. The distorted ear is fake. The tiny double, triple chin is fake. It's all fake. 

Remember how these movie cameras worked in 1963. They just took a series of still pictures and then ran them together. So, all they had to do was go back and alter the individual frames, as they would a still picture. And that is what they did. I think they got the idea afterwards to turn this guy into Jack Ruby.

And, it's clear as a bell why they didn't just have Bookhout mill about beforehand and show us that. It's because he was James Bookhout, and they couldn't show us his face. They had to be very careful and restrictive about what they showed of him, preferring back shots, where it's showing him from behind. 

But, somebody probably got the bright idea later to turn this other guy into Ruby- so that he would have an opening act.  

So, it opens with him, the tall, sun-glassed "Ruby," and then it goes to a curtain shot, which was a very definite break where we can't see anything, and then it goes to the real Garage Shooter, the short, pudgy James Bookhout, who rushes in and shoots Oswald.  

But, I don't think they planned it all out ahead of time. If they had, they could have easily gotten someone who was the right height to do the opening act as Jack Ruby. So, this was an afterthought. 

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