Sunday, June 4, 2017

This image of Hugh Aynesworth tells us something very important. That is the Main Street ramp behind him. It still says STOP on the road behind him, indicating that the direction of traffic for that ramp was incoming. It was and is one-way. Therefore, there was NO CHANCE that Oswald was going to be taken out that ramp. It was an entrance, not an exit. Therefore, there was no reason for spectators to be gathered at the head of that ramp. And yet, they were. Why? It had to do with snaring Ruby. 

Supposedly, an unfortunate thing happened. Pierce was pulling out, and Officer Ray Vaughan was there guarding the entrance. He decided that Pierce must need help merging onto the road. So he went as far as "the curb" (he denied stepping into the street) to stop traffic so that Pierce could get out. So, Pierce pulled up, and Ruby slipped in behind him and entered the ramp, but he was never seen by Pierce or by Vaughn. That's what you have to believe. But, what about all the people gathered? They must have seen Ruby enter the ramp, right? They knew that the police officer was there to keep people out. So, did not one of them say something? Not one of them thought of alerting Vaughan? Ruby claimed that there was nothing evasive about what he did. He denied ever trying to sneak in. He just plainly did it. And he said that he walked at a normal pace; he didn't run or rush. So, when Vaughan was through with Pierce and turned back around, shouldn't he have seen Ruby on the ramp? 

Here is how it was depicted in the movie, Ruby and Oswald. Ruby had just left the WU office. He turned to his left, looking up Main Street. This is what he saw.

So, you had all those people gathered at an incoming ramp, for no discernible reason, with no expectation of seeing Oswald. 

So, Ruby walks down to them.

Hmm. All men. And nice suits. Then Ruby muscles his way past them; he doesn't even say, "Excuse me."

Notice Vaughan on the left with his hands on his hips. Now presumably, if he had stayed there, Ruby would never have gotten in. 

Then, in the movie, after having shown Leavelle, the real James Leavelle, handcuffing himself to Oswald, they show someone applying a second pair of cuffs to Oswald. So, there were 4 cuffs. 

And that is what Leavelle and Graves testified at Ruby's trial. But wait. What about the highly authentic Jackson photo?

Obviously, Oswald's two hands were not cuffed together. So, what are we supposed to believe? That Leavelle and Graves simply remembered doing something that they didn't do? But, I digress. Back to the movie, Pierce is pulling out. 
 Vaughan has moved towards the street. That's his arm on the far right. 

And then Ruby walks in.

Not one of the spectators glances at Ruby as he does that. They don't even turn their heads. 

Now, Ruby is heading down the ramp. But wait. Isn't Vaughan through with Pierce by now? Why doesn't he turn around and see Ruby doing it?

Now, to anyone who says that this is just a movie, no, it is NOT just a movie. It is the official story of what happened. And frankly, it is also consistent with what Ruby said happened.

So, I don't doubt that it happened. But, there are a lot of inexplicables, the most troubling of which is why those people were gathered there at all when it was an entrance not an exit, and there was no chance Oswald would be taken out there. Why didn't Vaughan inform them: "There is a Brinks trunk parked in the exit ramp on Commerce. If you want to see Oswald leaving, that's where you have to go." What reason did they have to be there other than seeing Oswald? And since they weren't going to see Oswald, what were they really doing there?

They were there to snare Ruby. There was no other reason for them to be there. Ruby must have been subjected to hypnosis. He must have been told that he would see a crowd there, and that when he saw it, he would go to it. And, it's likely they had someone there to trigger Ruby's movement down the ramp, again, under hypnotic suggestion.  The next step is to figure out who was doing the hypnosis on Ruby. And that may be possible. 

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