Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Wizard sent me this frame from the WFAA footage, which apparently purports to show Leavelle carrying Oswald.

But, how is that possible when Leavelle's left wrist was cuffed to Oswald's right wrist? This is by the Wizard:

"Leavelle and Combest claimed that they carried Oswald back into the office, but, as previously discussed, this seemed implausible, not least because the WFAA film shows that they took 6-8 seconds after the shot to get moving at all - but still vanished very quickly from the hallway. Because of this, and from a couple of Gary Mack's "cleaned up" WFAA frames, I think that Oswald got up under his own steam and simply followed Leavelle, with Leavelle's arm stretching backward because of the cuffs. Leavelle and Combest put on a show of exerting effort and carrying him."

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