Thursday, June 8, 2017

This is to further refute David Von Pein's ridiculous claim that Ruby was putting his jacket on in route to the elevator. This is the last view of him before he disappears behind the partition. 

The next we see of him is 3 seconds later in which all whiteness is gone- replaced with blackness. But, we can still hear the reporter who is speaking of him. And right when we see this...

...we can hear the reporter say, "his shirt is ripped open" followed by, "his shirt is ripped apart." It's clear that the reporter was still seeing Ruby in just a shirt, and the "jacket" we see is fake. It doesn't look like a jacket anyway.

 It's just a black screen that was inserted to block our view. It has none of the features of a jacket. It's just a wall of blackness. 

Ruby had been squirreled away on the 5th floor, and then he was brought down just for a film-capture. They were inserting him into the record. They propped open his shirt, thinking it would look good- as if the buttons got torn off during the struggle. But, it's ridiculous, and the struggle was ridiculous. In real life, they would have pushed him down to the ground and cuffed him, on the spot, in the garage. But, they couldn't because he was Bookhout, so instead, they went through the supposedly unplanned migration into the jail house with him- all under wild circumstance, as if Ruby was putting up a fight against a whole battalion of large cops. The idea that Ruby could have resisted that long, and the struggle could have gone on that long, is ridiculous and preposterous. And, he really must have been drugged. He really must have been out of it. 

Ruby supposedly had just put up a Herculean struggle in the garage. But, look at him now: docile, dejected, defeated and downtrodden. According to what police claimed, he was making bravado statements, "I hope the son of a bitch dies..." etc., but does it look that way to you?  Ruby looks completely unfocused, like he was not aware of anything going on.  He looks like he is barely awake. He was drugged. Now, did police drug him? Did they administer drugs to him? I don't know. 

I understand that once a violent offender gets put into handcuffs, he usually relents. He doesn't keep resisting, say, by kicking, or spitting, or butting his head into the cops. But, this is far-fetched. It is extreme. How could the pendulum swing from one extreme to the other so fast? And why should Ruby be so inattentive and mentally removed? 

By the way, you can't find footage of it this good any more on Youtube. It's much blurrier now. It's a good thing I got this when I could. 

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