Thursday, June 8, 2017

Wait a second! There was a reporter and a cameraman. So, how could it be when Ruby was brought in? You can't tell me that they had a camera crew there then. Everything we are seeing here must be well after Ruby was brought in. Only then could there be a camera crew in place. 

So, we're in the garage; the scuffle is going on; it's pandemonium; but then, it migrates to the door, and we see men going through the door, and then one man closes the door behind him. Then, the screen goes black. And then when it resumes, we get to this:

That is presumably James Leavelle leaning over Oswald on the right. But notice that the feel of this is that these men are settled in there. They didn't just get there. They've been there for a while. And Ruby hasn't passed yet, although he is about to. But, how could these men be there before Ruby? How could they have entered the jail office before he did? Why would they have? Everything about this suggests that it isn't seconds after the scuffle; it is minutes after the scuffle. But, if it's minutes after the scuffle, then how could Jack Ruby still be there?

That is Blackie Harrison, who was one of the penguins. He had his arms wrapped around "Ruby's" torso during the scuffle. One wonders how Ruby ever got out of that. Doesn't it seem like the struggle should have ended right then and there?

And then it goes on and on and on, with men coming and going, meandering in and out. How could all of this be going on ahead of Ruby? Did all these men enter the jail office prior to Ruby being brought in? Why would they do that? And, it's obvious that this was long after the pandemonium; things have been settled for quite a while. And again: the very fact that you had a camera crew there tells you that it's not seconds after the scuffle. 

Here's a guy on the phone, looking very normal in his demeanor. How could this be right after the scuffle? 

Here's Lowery again on the right. His role was to just scramble around aimlessly and put his hand on his gun. So, he's inside already too. All these guys got in ahead of Ruby.

Finally, we get to Ruby. So, all these other guys got situated ahead of Ruby. And you see the guy with Ruby who gazes down at Oswald. He is leading Ruby along. But, who is he? He is not McMillon, and he is not Archer. They are the ones who subdued Ruby and said that they took him up to the 5th floor. So, who is this guy? And why don't we see McMillon?

I think he said his hat came off, so let's look at him without his hat.

McMillon said that he took Ruby up to the 5th floor, so why don't we see him here?

It's obvious that this whole scene was several minutes after the scuffle and not immediately after it. But, reports were that Ruby was taken up to the 5th floor immediately. So, how could he still be there several minutes later? THEY BROUGHT HIM BACK DOWN. 

The very fact that there is a camera crew there and a reporter speaking into a microphone tells you that it has to be several minutes later. So, what is Ruby doing there? They brought him back down precisely because of the camera- to put him in front of it. 

This was the moment at which they inserted the real Jack Ruby into the story. We never saw him before this.  

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