Thursday, January 7, 2016

Backes, you stupid mudderpluck. Show me the footage in which back on November 22, 1963 in which someone said, "Notice Billy Lovelady sitting at the desk in the squad room as Oswald is led by."

And you have no right and no basis to claim that what they show TODAY as the program "A Year Ago Today" is identical to what they actually broadcast on November 22, 1964.

Look, if somebody actually had a recording device back then on which they recorded the program on November 22, 1964, and where we know it's authentic and the guy is trustworthy and that it was never out of this guy's clutches, and it showed the clip with Lovelady, that would mean something. But, we don't have that. All we have is a Youtube video which claims to be the program from 1964 but which could have been easily and readily modified.

Why is it that you are too stupid to know that, Backes?   

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