Saturday, January 9, 2016

I decided to test the new collage on the image-comparing software. But, first I went ahead and rotated Oswald's head so that it's close to vertical- straight up and down.

And here is what the program came back with:

Wow! 86 is darn good because Doorman has all that distortion on the left side of his face (our right). That fat bulge on that side is not his left ear; it is distortion. So, I didn't expect this much; I figured maybe 80 at the most. Then, it offers a "final answer" for whether it's the same person.

Holy Cow! Look at that! It gave it the highest possible score. It could have said "from nearly the same person" or "quite look-alike" but it just said flat-out "from the same person". That is its highest degree of certainty. 

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