Saturday, January 9, 2016

Jerry Organ:

Harry Holmes testimony ( Link ):

     Asked him if he brought a sack out when he got in the car
with this young fellow that hauled him and he said, "Yes."
    "What was in the sack?"
    "Well, my lunch."
    "What size sack did you have?"
     He said, "Oh, I don't know what size sack. You don't always
get a sack that fits your sandwiches. It might be a big sack."
    "Was it a long sack?"
    "Well, it could have been."
    "What did you do with it?"
    "Carried it in my lap."
    "You didn't put it over in the back seat?"
    "No." He said he wouldn't have done that.

Ralph Cinque:

Jerry, I am glad to get that link, so I thank you for that. But Harry Holmes? HARRY HOLMES??? 

Harry Holmes is the one and only person who claimed that Oswald, in his last interview, moments before he was killed, made a complete reversal on Mexico City and started spewing out all kinds of details after having denied going there.

I tell you that Harry Holmes lied about that, and I don't trust anything he said about this.

Oswald didn't go to Mexico City, and he certainly would not have and did not say that he did.

And if he had gone to Mexico City, he certainly would not have lied in the first place. There would have been no point in lying, and there would have been no reason to lie.
Nothing he allegedly did in Mexico City had anything to do with the JFK assassination. Nothing he allegedly did in Mexico City was criminal. So, why lie about it?

And remember that he, supposedly, didn't know that he had any opportunity to kill Kennedy until a few days before the assassination at the earliest, so it could not have been on his
mind in late September.

Let's say for instance that I didn't like Vlad Putin, that I hated him. Actually, I love the guy; I think he is the greatest leader in the world today. But, I'm speaking hypothetically. Even if I wanted him dead, why would I waste time contemplating killing him? I have no opportunity to kill him. And it was the same for Oswald regarding Kennedy in September 1963. So, there is no chance that his supposed Mexico trip could have had anything whatsoever to do with killing Kennedy. Therefore, why would Oswald have lied about it? He said he didn't go there because he never went there, and the one who lied is Harry Holmes.

And I shall point out that just because Harry Holmes related what he heard in the form of dialogue, quoting Oswald, that it's not a tape recording or a transcript. It is just the feverish mind of Harry Holmes at work. And one thing he attributed to Oswald doesn't even make sense.

When told about what Frazier and his sister said, Oswald said:

"Well, they was just wrong. That must have been some other time he picked me up."

What? Oswald couldn't have said that. First of all, Frazier didn't pick him up; he gave him a ride. But second, and more important: Oswald had to know whether he ever transported curtain rods and told Frazier so. And if he had, he would not have been equivocal about it. He would haven't have said, "That must have been some other time.." He would have said, "Previously, on another occasion, I did move some curtain rods and told Frazier so." In other words, he would have said one or the other but as a definitive statement. He would not have made an equivocal statement about curtain rods.

I am sick and tired of people putting words in Oswald's mouth that are the words of liars and not him. And there is no liar worse than Harry Holmes.

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