Friday, January 1, 2016

No, I would say that Lovelady's honesty and credibility are the issues. I certainly don't think he was being honest, and I know he wasn't credible. He definitely would NOT have made a credible witness. He seemed nervous. He seemed uncomfortable. Very uncomfortable. And his wife kept trying to help him, trying to get him to relax. He stumbled through the question about the shirt he wore. "It was just an ordinary work shirt." And then when put on the spot about the color of it, first he said "red" and then he, haltingly, added "plaid" which was most likely followed by a gulp. And then when he was asked if Oswald was there in the doorway, his response seemed sharp and pained: "Nooouuu, he aint there." like it hurt to say it.

Look: after that interview, Brooten made two decisions. He decided NOT to drag Lovelady to Washington to testify. He even did this in lieu of a formal deposition. Lovelady wasn't sworn in. He wasn't informed that if he didn't tell the truth that it was perjury for which he could be imprisoned. That's what they do at depositions. AND, furthermore, BROOTEN DECIDED TO RESIGN! That's right. He quit his job. He quit being a lawyer, THE lawyer for the HSCA, in order to represent Lovelady. When has that ever happened before or since, in the history of jurisprudence, that a government lawyer quit his job in order to represent a person of interest, a pivotal government witness in the case? 

How would Lovelady have stood up under the cross? Well, I suppose there would not have been a cross since the HSCA was another whitewash, another show trial. But even so, Lovelady would have made a terrible witness who would have raised more doubts than confidences. He wasn't a good actor, and he wasn't a good liar. And what if a "hostile" researcher got to him? I don't mean physically hostile, but someone like Mark Lane or Vincent Salandria? How would Lovelady have held up? THAT IS WHY Brooten quit his job. I'm sure he became Lovelady's bodyguard, shielding him from prying government and non-government snoops. 

And, this tape raises, exponentially, my suspicion that Lovelady was killed at 41, shortly before the HSCA Final Report came out. Short weeks before it came out, he was "heart-attacked". I sincerely believe that. He had no history of heart disease that we know of. He smoked, but so did more than half the US male population at the time, and they weren't all having heart attacks at 41. We were told that an autopsy was going to be performed, which would have confirmed if he had a heart attack. But guess what? We never got the results. 

His wife had a strange response to reporters after his death. Nothing about beloved husband and father, love of my life, etc. Just: "I've been hounded for 16 years, and now I am not going to be hounded any more." It was something like that.

This tape is a gold mine, and it explains a lot. It explains what we suspected all along. It explains why they kept Lovelady out of sight- inaccessible- all that time, all those years. It was because he couldn't do it; he couldn't handle it; he couldn't lie. 

Brooten quit his job to represent Lovelady. Why? Because Lovelady was cracking up, and Brooten could see it.

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