Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The footage of Lovelady in the squad room is NOT authentic, and before you say that it is, you should at least read through my analysis of it on the OIC website:


Lovelady was one of many Dealey Plaza witnesses who were brought to the PD to make statements. Why would they single him out and place him in the squad room of the homicide detectives? And it wasn't a desk; it was a supply table. And that was a traffic lane. You see the filing cabinets or lockers, the pile of books, even a coat rack, and there was another room to the right. Nobody would have been seated there because there was no room for anybody to sit there. That was even true under normal conditions, never mind when there was a procession of cops and journalists transferring the most famous assassin in the history of assassins. It is preposterous that Lovelady would be put there; it is preposterous that he would stay there; it is preposterous that no one would glance at him, as no one does. It's fake.

Amazingly, Lovelady isn't even looking at Oswald; he's not even turned towards Oswald; even though this guy he works with is being dragged in for killing the President of the United States.

Read the Lovelady page on the OIC page. Then decide if it's authentic. 


And to the guy who put this up suggesting that here Lovelady was looking at Oswald, no, he wasn't. This is a different version with a different Lovelady. But look at it again: he's still not looking at Oswald. Look how low Lovelady is. He'd have to be looking up to gaze at Oswald. And he would also have to be turned more to his right. He's still not looking at Oswald.

It's just a dog and pony show.

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