Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why is that video that Backes put up so poor? Why is the quality so bad? And, it is extremely bad, especially when you get to the squad room. It is about as bad as its gets.

This is similar footage. Look at how much better it is.

Also, why doesn't the jump-to-Youtube link work on it? There's a Youtube icon on the lower right which enables you to jump to Youtube to watch it there, but it doesn't work.

You can copy the URL, and when I did, this is what I got:

So, it's not actually on Youtube any more. So, either it used to be and Backes downloaded it or somebody sent it to him as a file. 

Let's look at the squad room scene, starting with them getting out of the elevator.

You see how poor the quality is. This, supposedly, was all taken by one cameraman. So, at this point, he's in front of them, right? And then he lets them pass, and he's shooting them from behind.

And after that, it jumps. It jumps to where they are turning into the Homicide Bureau.

So, there had to be a splice there. Somebody edited it because the cameraman would not have turned his camera off.  But, where was the camera when this frame was taken? Because we know that that big cop in the white hat was tall. And if the bottom of frame was at the top of his head, at what height was the camera? Was the cameraman real tall and was he holding the camera up up real high? Why on Earth would he do that?

Then, the camera gets lowered again:

Again, this extremely bad quality, and there is better quality available than this:

So again, why is Joseph Backes posting such inferior footage? And why is it so inferior? Exactly how many filmers were in tow there? 

Now, note above that the photographer is way behind in the caravan, and Oswald and the big cop are way ahead. They are at the lead. But, look what comes next:

Again, don't blame me for that poor quality. Blame Backes. But, how could it jump to that? We're seeing the big cop's face there. The cameraman was way behind him before. 

The cameraman is behind the guy with the Fonzerelli hairstyle in back, right? He's behind him. So how, in a split-second, could he be pointing the camera at the face of the big cop?

How could that happen? If you want to say they edited it, cut out frames, that's one thing. But, did the cameraman plow through that line of men? How could he get his camera in location to capture that?

Then it jumps to where we are in the squad room, and the men are trudging alone single file. 

Then it gets to the first showing of Lovelady. And again, don't blame me for turning it into soup. This is what Backes put up.

  And then the big linebacker cop gets in the way to block the view.

And then when he steps aside, we see the other Lovelady.

Now, I say that they spliced two different films with two different Loveladys together and then sped it up and blurred it up so that no one can tell that that's what they did, a bait and switch.

Now, if you don't think so, it means that you're saying that it's all one film. 

Well, in that case, why the differences?

I put an x where his collar is supposed to be on the right, which we can't see but which we can see plainly and sharply on the left? How come his shirt is propped open on the left but not on the right? There's no difference in the angle of the body. The angle of his head is very different because he's got his head turned to the right on the right and left on the left. But, you can swivel your head without moving your body. The relative position of his body and the angle at which we are seeing it is about the same in both. So, why isn't his shirt propped open on the right? Why can't we see the t-shirt the way we can on the left? And I've already pointed out how fast the film goes, the transition from one to the other. We're talking about a split-second. So, how could he go from having his whole forearm on the table (left) to just his elbow (right)? He couldn't physically move that fast to make such a change. And it really is just his elbow on the table on the right.

Can you, or can you not, see that it's just his elbow on the table? But, the other guy has his whole forearm resting on the table.

Look, here's the guy above in Backes' film. Note the time:

Alright, so that's 1 minute and 42 seconds. So then, the big linebacker cop is going to get in the way, and then he's going to step aside, and then we'll see the other Lovelady.
That's 1 minute and 43 seconds, just 1 second later. And it could be and probably is less than a full second because the first one didn't start at the beginning of the second. 

So, how could Lovelady move so fast to get this?

Look on the right how his hair is bleeding back. The image is coming apart. Why? It's not happening on the left.

What is each of their right elbows resting on? They're far away from the table, so what surface is supporting their right elbows?

Why are their sideburns different?

Can't you see they are trimmed differently? Can't you see that the hair of the sideburn is longer on the right and sweeping back towards the ear? That's not the case on the left. 

You think you can defend and explain all this shit, Backes? 

I can understand why someone removed this from Youtube. But, why did the Idiot Backes want to bring it back? It's because he's an idiot.  

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