Saturday, June 3, 2017

What is totally and completely resolved is that Jack Ruby did not shoot Lee Harvey Oswald. There is NO IMAGE of Jack Ruby in that garage. Any frame you want to proffer from the films or photos can be quickly and easily dismissed because of conflicts with Ruby's looks: such as, discrepancy in height, discrepancy in features, and most especially, a discrepancy in the state of the back of his neck in which the real Ruby had scruffy hair growth while the Garage Shooter was cleanly razored. There is simply NO IMAGE of Jack Ruby in that garage. 

And then when we consider the fact that the most famous photo of the shooting, the Bob Jackson photo, is a photographic monstrosity, that was not only altered but freakishly so, such as the left hand of Oswald slapped to his chest having a right thumb (and a huge one at that which was certainly not Oswald's) and only 3 fingers besides it. 

On the right, is Oswald's real hand, from just a moment before. Notice his small thumb, and then count them, 4 fingers. On the left it's a humungous thumb, and it happens to be a right thumb. That's why you see it so well. You notice that you can't see Oswald's thumb, the nail of it, on the right. That's because of the natural, anatomical "opposition" that the thumb has to the fingers. What we're seeing on the left is IMPOSSIBLE. What it is is a right thumb clasping a left hand. 

And if you don't believe me, then you try it yourself. And while you're at it, take a fuckin' picture. Let's see you duplicate that look on the right- with just one hand. 

It simply isn't a real hand. And the same is true of Jim Leavelle's hand in Oswald's pants: his whole forearm is fake, and it isn't even anatomical. Do you realize that the upper arm is longer than the forearm? Where is his elbow? And what is causing that overlap right below his shoulder? I'll tell you what is causing it: nothing is causing it. It wasn't there. They just put that extra piece in below it, the fake forearm with the plastic hand at the bottom, and the indentation above is the junction of the real and the fake. 

Now, look at it again except this time focus on his right arm, which is on our left. That is a normal arm. Study it for a long time, and then switch your eyes to the other.

That left arm of his, from shoulder to hand, is a monstrosity. It is ridiculous. 

And this is just the beginning. It's just a taste. It goes on and on. All this photographic fakery was done. Why? Because the story is false. Ruby wasn't even there. He got there earlier; much earlier; probably the better part of an hour earlier. They had their little scene with him, and who else was there, we don't know. We know that the only person Ruby claimed to recognize was Rio "Sam" Pierce who was pulling out in a police car when Ruby reached the ramp entrance. So, if Ruby was there for the televised spectacle, why didn't he recognize any of the cops he knew? He knew Harrison. He knew Leavelle. He new Patrick Dean. He knew Fritz. He knew Combest. How come Pierce was the only name he could cite? 

And, here's something interesting: the reporter Hugh Aynesworth was there, and he saw it. And he knew Ruby. He said he knew him for 3 years. But, he didn't recognize Ruby in the garage. He saw "Ruby" do it, but didn't recognize him as Ruby, and he didn't find out until later that the guy who they said did it was Jack Ruby. 

Don't take my word for it. Listen for yourself. Start at the 4 and 1/2 minute mark:

"I didn't know for a while that it was Jack Ruby, though I had known Jack Ruby for 3 years."

JACK RUBY WAS INNOCENT! He got to that garage before 11:00. They had people there. They pounced upon him. And he didn't know why. That's why he said, "Hey, you know me. I'm Jack Ruby." How could he not know why they were pouncing on him if he had just shot a man and had tried to shoot another one, a cop no less?  It's all a lie. Every bit of the official story of the Oswald killing is a lie. The Dallas Police and FBI killed Oswald, although I can't tell you who pulled the trigger. I doubt it was James Bookhout, even though he's the one who played Jack Ruby in the theatrical performance. 

The truth shall prevail. It's already happening. And nothing can stop it. This was so evil. I shudder at the thought.   

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