Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Why haven't my enemies responded to this? It's very soon after the shooting, with Oswald lying on the floor of the jail office and Jack Ruby supposedly being led to the elevator- for the first time. But Ruby's jacket is missing, and there is no way he could have gotten out of it by then. 

The only one to respond, so far, is David Von Pein, and his answer was that Ruby's jacket must have been "yanked off him" to "search it for weapons" but that is ridiculous because, not only is it unnecessary to yank his jacket off to search it for weapons, but it's not even advantageous. So, that excuse has zero credibility. 

Plus, there is no evidence for it. Nobody reported doing it. We have multiple reports of Ruby's arrest from detectives, such as McMillon, Archer, and Clardy, and no one said anything about removing Ruby's jacket in the jail office. 

Moreover, since the Garage Shooter was wearing his jacket during the struggle, there is no basis to think his shirt would be torn open and look like that.  

But then, it gets worse because by the time Ruby reaches the elevator, he seems to have his jacket on again.

It is impossible, and the only explanation for this is that it is photographic fraud. 

Taking the 5th about this- failing to respond to it-  is a tacit admission that my analysis of it is correct, and there are no alternatives to it. And that means that I am right that Jack Ruby was not the Garage Shooter, and FBI Agent James Bookhout was.

Since silence admits to that, and these guys (and others) have been silent...

it means that they now know the truth, but they just don't care. They're not in this for the truth- they never have been. They're in this for the war. 

Just think: we have this image of James Bookhout being filmed with the detectives scant minutes after the shooting. Yes, it was a film, not a still photo. Saintly Oswald showed us that, and the film shows Detective Hall entering the scene from the side. And even the Saintly One recognized how distressed Hall looks that the film was being shot. Oh, he looks stressed, and so does Boyd. 

That is definitely Bookhout, not Ruby, and you can tell by his short stature, his short neck, and his round face. That is James Bookhout. Of course, it doesn't phase my enemies. But, the truth is that NOTHING would phase them. If an image surfaced that was twice as close as this, twice as good as this, and twice as detailed as this, clearly showing James Bookhout playing the role of Jack Ruby, they still wouldn't budge. They just don't care. They just don't give a shit- not about Kennedy, not about Oswald, and not about the truth. 

But now, such an image has surfaced, and it is staring them in the face. 

The corruption of this is staring them in the face. It exposes the fraud. It exposes the lie. And there is no innocent talking point for it. And by refusing to address it, by refusing to answer to it, my enemies expose their own inherent and conspicuous corruption. 

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