Sunday, April 8, 2018

Alright, so now, it turns out: he does want to talk about it. But, why did he wait? And if I hadn't chided him about it, was he ever going to do it? If this was a blundering mistake of mine, why not point it out? Why let it pass? Why let it slide?

What Brian Pete said is that this is a guy walking out of an office wearing a hat and looking down when the picture was taken.

What? First, those are all the hats of Fritz' men, the detectives of the Homicide bureau. That was their calling card, to wear those white stetson cowboy hats. So why would a homicide detective hide his face from a camera? Isn't that something that perps do? Have you ever seen a policeman or a detective do it? We know why perps do it: because they are being showcased as a criminal. But, why would a detective do it? Boyd isn't doing it. Hall isn't doing it. They don't give a shit about the camera. So, why should the other? 

Second, if a guy looks down wearing a hat, it wouldn't lower the front of the hat that much. Not as much as we see there. And imagine if it did. How's he supposed to see? How's he supposed to walk. They're moving there. They're walking. Do you understand that? How can a guy walk along without seeing where he's going? 

One would have to, literally, wear one's hat over one's face to get that much tilt- and as a result, he would be unable to see. But, even if he did, it would only cover his face. It wouldn't make his shoulders disappear. So, number three: we should see the shoulder of the man in the hat. But, the shoulder that we see is that of Notebook Man, who was located behind the alleged man in the hat.

That can't be his hat. LOOK HOW BIG IT IS! He's behind. He's in back. He is farther from the camera than Hall. Yet, his hat appears larger than Hall's? That doesn't make sense. And behind him is Fritz, and look how small Fritz' hat is, in comparison.

Look at the distance from Hall's hat to his shoulder, on the left. Now look at the disputed figure. He would literally have to be wearing that hat over his face. It is too extreme. Here is me trying to duplicate it:
Note that I am blind there. I can't see a thing. I'm just holding the camera up and hitting the shutter. And notice that you can still see the lower part of my face. And if you are going to claim that the  detective flexed his head more than that, to really point his hat at the camera, you have to explain why. They just came out of this meeting, this interrogation, in Fritz' office. And now Boyd and Hall (also Sims who isn't seen, and no this guy isn't Sims because Sims wasn't short, and Sims didn't have a notebook) are taking Oswald to his lineup. There were no other detectives at that interrogation. So, who could that guy in the white hat be (assuming that he existed) and why on Earth would he behave like that? How is it explainable? How is it excusable? 

There were two persons at the interrogation who were known to have a notebook. They were FBI Agent James Hosty and FBI Agent James Bookhout. Neither wore a white Stetson hat. Hosty was tall, while this man was short. So, that means he was James Bookhout, and he definitely did not wear a white Stetson hat.

 The logical inference is that that is a hat that was put into the photograph to hide that man's face, the face of FBI Agent James Bookhout. And it wasn't the only time they did it. There are NO images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination, even though he followed Oswald around like his shadow. 

Liars claim that this image, which surfaced just months ago, is that of James Bookhout, but, it is definitely not him. I sent it to Bookhout's son and asked him if that was his dad. He never responded. He also never deposited my donation check to his organization. What evidence is there that James Bookhout smoked a pipe? Smoking cigarettes was prevalent, but pipes? And if you look closely, you'll see that this is a highly altered photo with his hair fabricated and more. Why would they resort to this? Because there are no images of James Bookhout from the JFK assassination, even though he followed Oswald around like his shadow. 

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