Thursday, April 19, 2018

When was Oswald chosen to be the patsy in the JFK assassination? If we take David Talbot's date of April 1961, with the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the subsequent firing of Allen Dulles by JFK as the genesis of the plot, then Oswald would have had to be chosen some time after that. Was he chosen before he returned from Russia in June 1962? And if so, was his return from Russia predicated by his selection as patsy? 

We don't know, but it's an intriguing idea. What do we really know about WHY Oswald returned from Russia? Did he just get burned out on Communism? Or did he want to get back to that darling mother of his whom he adored so much? (cough, cough) He had a job in Russia- one that he could hold. His wife's family was there. She wasn't pressuring him to leave. And he had friends there- a heck of a lot more friends than he had here. So, why leave? Why come back here? Did he get tired of all the cold weather?

So, did "they" somehow get word to him that he needed to come back? I know the Soviets monitored his mail, but maybe they had a code system worked out. He was a spy, right?

That's all speculation- I admit. But, what we do know as fact is that as soon as he got back, and certainly by the time he and Marina were living in their own apartment, Oswald was being "handled." Wasn't George DeMohrenschildt Oswald's handler? You realize that DeMo was CIA, don't you? He was a real geologist. He went to the University of Houston. But, he was also a CIA operative. Hey, George HW Bush was a real oil man, but he was also a CIA operative. 

So, they were keeping close tabs on Oswald from the moment he got back. So, why were they doing that? They must have planned to use him for something, right? And that was the JFK assassination. What else?

So, certainly by the summer of 1962, they were grooming Oswald for his role as patsy.  In October 1962, he got his job at Jaggars/Chiles/Stovall, the CIA-connected photo lab in Dallas. And he held that job a long time for him- until April 1963. Then, he got fired. Why? We have been told it's because he was belligerent, anti-social, difficult to work with, blah, blah, blah. In reality, they needed their patsy to get down to New Orleans to solidify his pro-Cuban, pro-Castro credentials. Plus, it was a good launching point for his phony trip to Mexico City. 

So, did he just get the idea himself to go to New Orleans? I sure doubt it. I think somebody must have put him up to it. Who I don't know.

So, he went to New Orleans, presumably by bus. Ruth Paine didn't drive him. George DeMohrenschildt didn't drive him. And he had no other friends. So, he must have taken the bus. Right? And just think: he must have taken his rifle on the bus.  Right? So, the guy is moving to New Orleans, and he can only carry as much as he can take on a bus, and he decides to include a rifle. I find that hard to believe.  I was riding buses in the 1960s, and I never saw anybody get on a bus with a rifle.

So, he goes to New Orleans, and he just happened to get a job at a CIA-connected company, the Reily Coffee Company. And he just happens to befriend a former FBI agent named Guy Bannister, whose private detective office happens to be surrounded by US intelligence agencies. And Oswald eventually has his famous pro-Castro demonstration in front of the International Trade Mart. 

So, everything was humming along to get him properly positioned as this disgruntled pro-Communist who hated America. And keep mind that it was just a few months until the assassination at that point. 

So, with all that going on, and with the witching hour approaching fast, would "they" have also involved him in a separate and independent plot to kill Castro? Whatever role you think he played in that plot, whether it was as driver (but he had no license, and he couldn't drive) as protector of Judyth Baker (why him for that? based on what?) it was nothing that somebody else couldn't do. Why would they risk their JFK patsy for that? Why did they need to?

So, why Oswald, and why Judyth? She was essentially a high school student who had won a science contest and got her picture in the hometown paper, but so what? Why would CIA think she, this girl, should be the one to develop a bio-weapon to kill Castro? She wound up in New Orleans because her husband Robert Baker was finishing school there as a geology student. So, how could she be selected to do a thing like that? She didn't have the scientific credentials- she was just a high school graduate. And she didn't have the intelligence credentials either- meaning the credentials to get the clearance, to be vetted for a thing like this either. 

But, in Oswald's case, there was the risk of harm to him. But, there was also not the risk but the certainty that he would acquire an intelligence connection that he could later use when under arrest to establish that he really was a member of the US intelligence community.  Why would they want to arm him with that? 

And again, I ask on the basis that there had to be plenty of others who could do whatever you think he did. Why would they need him for that? They wouldn't. They couldn't. They didn't.  

So, it makes no sense for the CIA to have hired either Oswald or Judyth for this. And since there is no evidence for it (just her claiming it, which isn't evidence) why believe it? Why not reject it? 

And where is the evidence that Oswald got paid for this? Why do people keep conjecturing that he did things- things that involved work- for no money? 

Besides, if the CIA was going to develop a bio-weapon to kill Castro, they would do it in a proper lab and with doctors and technicians with advanced training. They wouldn't get a high school graduate to whip something up in David Ferrie's apartment. It's just ridiculous. 

So, why are grown adults falling for this, hook, line, and sinker? Is the fetching love story of Lee and Judyth so mesmerizing that people cast aside all reason? There isn't a twig of evidence that any of her claims are true. It's just lip-flapping. Anyone can flap. Anyone can hit any keys on the keyboard. You've heard the rejoinder, "He says that, does he? Well, people say a lot of things." 

To me, it is VERY VERY SAD that a significant percentage of the JFK community is under the spell of Judyth Baker. It is hurting the cause of Oswald innocence and JFK truth. I urge everyone to stop with the group-think; stop with the "they're such a cute couple and I'm sure they're going to be together again in Heaven" and the rest of the bull shit. It's all bull shit. It is rendering impotent and sterile the whole movement towards JFK truth. That's how much damage it is doing.  

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