Monday, April 2, 2018

It is certainly true that nothing I have ever written on the OIC website have I had to take down because of the stupid Punk. I recently modified something Jim Fetzer had written, but really, it was a very small revision.

Jim wrote that Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald at 12:25. And she did. That is perfectly true. But, he made the mistake of adding the phrase "in the second floor lunch room," and that is what I deleted. Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald at the doorway at 12:25.

This image is from the Prayermanite website. 

So, they applied Soylent Green to everything except her, Carolyn Arnold. And by the way, they agree with me about her first FBI statement of seeing Oswald at the doorway being valid, although don't take that as the slightest reduction in my contempt for those people. But, I want you to look how crowded that is. The shooting is underway at this time. That corresponds in time VERY closely with the Altgens photo. So, the time was 12:30. And there she is, Carolyn Arnold. YOU ARE SEEING HER with your own eyes at 12:30. Now, I ask you: do you think that 5 minutes before, she was up at the 2nd floor lunch room? And what? She raced down and elbowed her way through the crowd to take that position at 12:30? Are you aware that Carolyn Arnold was pregnant at the time and abundantly so? So, I ask you: don't you think it is highly likely that she was there already? That 5 minutes before, at 12:25, she was already planted in that spot, and that is when she saw Oswald at the doorway? He hadn't stepped out yet. But, the door and the wall were clear glass. So, he was looking out through the glass, and shortly after that, he went out the door and took his position in the center on the landing. And we can see him there above. That's Oswald in the long sleeve shirt and the exposed white t-shirt. But, if you could roll this back 5 minutes, he would be a few feet back on the other side of the glass. 

So, Dr. Gerald McKnight got it right. Carolyn Arnold saw Oswald at the doorway at 12:25. The FBI agent, Richard Emberling, changed the time to 12:15, thinking that it would give Oswald enough time to get up to the 6th floor. But, his superiors realized that it was still no good. So, they decided that she didn't see Oswald at all. And once she put that in writing and signed it, they let her state the time she got out there accurately as 12:25.

And remember that they all had the expectation that Kennedy would be coming by at 12;25. He was 5 minutes late. But, she had no way of knowing that. So, of course, she got outside by 12:25, but not by 12:15. That was FBI Agent Richard Emberling's idea. 

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