Monday, April 23, 2018

Here we have two very comparable angular views. On both, we are seeing them from the side; we're seeing the left side of their chest, and just a little bit of the right. 

Despite the angle, we still see the open sprawl of Trump's jacket. So, how could the other man be this man?
Do you understand what they're claiming? That these two are the same man 15 minutes apart, with nothing being done to alter the clothing?

So, when this first surfaced in 1966, which was three years after the assassination, why didn't researchers scream bloody murder at the time? And I mean immediately. The proper response should have been, "Fuck you, mutha fucka! That is not the same man!"

So, why didn't Harold Weisberg say that when they first showcased it?  They say he had quite a mouth on him. Then, during the HSCA, it morphed into this:

You have to understand something: that there is NOTHING that they wouldn't do. To keep the lie going, they'd go to the moon again. Well, they'd go to the moon for the first time. That is: if they could go to the moon, which they can't. But, the point is that that they would do anything, and there is a lot that they can do. They'd kill again- in a heartbeat. And look how many they've killed to suppress JFK truth. It's something I think about every day of my life. It's a good thing that when you buy life insurance, they don't ask you, "Do you know if anyone is trying to kill you?" 

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