Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jeff Marzano Ralph Cinque I'm leaving this group.

I only had to read up to the following line to realize how wrong you are about everything.

You talk about people who do tremendous harm in our search for the truth about JFK.

But in fact you are the worst kind of person who does that.

[Jeff, for your information, I am a denouncer of Judyth Baker]
Ralph Cinque She's a fraud, Jeff. The only fact concerning her and Oswald is that they both worked at the Reilly Coffee Company, she as a secretary, and he as a machine greaser. That's it. There is no evidence they ever met. And ask yourself this: if she was Oswald's lover, don't you think that Jim Garrison would have wanted to talk to her?: Don't you think that somebody would have mentioned her to him? How come during his whole investigation of Oswald's activities in New Orleans, her name never came up? Who has ever verified Judyth's claims? There was a woman named Anna Lewis, now deceased, who claimed that she and her husband went on "double dates" with Judyth and Oswald. But, her ex-husband denied it. And how realistic is that Oswald who was married to a very pregnant Marina was going out on double dates with another woman? Who would do such a thing? Judyth claims that Oswald went to Mexico City to deliver a bio-weapon to kill Castro. Oswald never went to Mexico City. He said he didn't go there. Who are you going to believe? Judyth or Oswald? There is this thing that people do, Jeff. It's called lying. Judyth does it pathologically. Oh, and by the way, Jeff, I'm making you famous.

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