Sunday, April 15, 2018

I went ahead and added yet another paragraph on the vee in Doorman's t-shirt and whether it is due to chin shadow, and I dare say that the page now has more on the subject of chin shadows than has ever been written. Now, the "multitudes" can dwell on this:

Here is the text loomed large:

If our critics really believe that the vee is due to shadow, why don’t they get a camera out and demonstrate it? And even if they did, it would only be a first step. They would still have to go to Dealey Plaza in late November and do it there. And I’ve already done that. This is from November 17, 2012 with me (Ralph) standing in the doorway exactly where Doorman stood at 12:30. I am at the center of the doorway, which is where he was and where we see him in the Dave Wiegman film.  From Altgens’ angle, he appears to be partially behind the white column, but that is the result of parallax. As you can see, there is no vee-shaped shadow.

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