Sunday, April 8, 2018

You know, this idea of someone going through my website, that is, the OIC website, and challenging every claim, every photo, every graphic, etc. is something I have expected for a long time.

And, I often wondered: if they think they're right and I'm wrong, why do they waste time harassing me, committing crimes against me, including sabotaging my websites, vandalizing my truck, putting a tracking device on my truck, breaking into my paypal account, my bank account, my credit card accounts, and more?

Why would they do all that if they think they can beat me intellectually?   

So, my response to this is: it's about time. 

But, let's look at the record so far. Brian Pete has gone through one page, and the result of his critique is that everything is still there. I removed some things that Jim Fetzer wrote, but not because of anything Brian Pete said. They were just outdated. They were written in 2012, and I'll remind you that this is 2018. But, I suppose it's true that I would never have reviewed what Jim wrote if not for this challenge, and therefore, it has been beneficial to me. 

But, everything that I wrote is still there, and everything Jim wrote of a crucial nature is still there. And both of our writings on that page have been bolstered and enhanced. 

You can see it here: 

That is longer, beefier, and more filled out now than it was when this started. So, how and why Brian Pete thinks he has achieved some kind of victory against me, I honestly don't know. I haven't the foggiest idea. It's all part of his delusion, I suppose. 

And now, he says that he is going to combine his analysis of the Oswald and Lovelady pages into one response. Well, now he's getting lazy because each of those pages is longer than the Overview page, and it took him several responses to cover it. 

And, my prediction is that the result of all this will be that I will end up removing NOTHING from the website. I may end up bolstering a few things, but I will remove nothing. And the final tally will be that the entire website will get refreshed and updated as a result of all this confrontation. Cool. 

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