Monday, April 2, 2018

I just realized something: When police jumped Ruby in the garage, he didn't know that he shot Oswald. (and, of course, he didn't) But, he didn't know that Oswald was shot. 

How could he? This was earlier. It was before the televised spectacle. And we know that no shot went off when he was there because people would have heard it. People on the street reported hearing the Spectacle shot, so that means they would have heard two shots. So, there was no shot when Ruby was there and got arrested. There was no sound of a gunshot. 

So, when police jumped Ruby in the garage (the real Ruby) he didn't know what they thought he had done, and he also didn't know that anything bad had happened. He only knew that they were jumping him.

And, I think his utterances confirm it. Of course, I am not talking about the Garage Shooter. There is no visual or auditory evidence that the Garage Shooter made any utterances at all. But, Ruby allegedly said, "I'm Jack Ruby. You know me. I'm not a criminal." Etc. But notice that he didn't say it, "Why are you jumping me? I didn't do it."

Think about it. If he witnessed a shooting, and immediately the police jumped him, then wouldn't he have to assume that they must have thought he did it? How could he not? And wouldn't he couch his utterances accordingly?

It's part of the record that Ruby was not aware that he shot Oswald until police told him. It's what he said. It's the basis of how his lawyers defended him. And it was even incorporated into the 1978 tv movie, Ruby and Oswald. So, this is not a Ralph Cinque idea. However, the corollary to it is that he also did not know that Oswald was shot at all until police told him. 

But, a shot would have involved a loud gun blast in an enclosed space- practically a room. Ruby had to know that he heard no such blast. (And of course, there was no such blast.) So, did he effectively dismiss not only his mind (his memory) but also his ears? I'm afraid so.

And since there was no shot, it means that he was also dismissing his eyes- what he didn't see.

So, Ruby dismissed, ignored, discounted, and rejected his mind, his eyes, and his ears, all because Dallas Police told him that Oswald was shot and by him.

How many people would do that? Dismiss their own cognitive processes because others (police) told them otherwise?

If you tried to tell me that only 1 in 1000 would do it, I would mock and scorn you. If you told me 1 in 1,000,000 I would do the same because that would mean that in the United States today, there are 325 people who would do it; accept responsibility for shooting someone for which they were unaware of having done it or that it was done, or that anything happened except that they were jumped. 

It's very telling that when Ruby saw the films, his response was that he didn't remember the garage being so crowded when he was there. I'm sure it wasn't. They were surely going to grab him with the minimum number of people necessary. Why didn't he notice that the guy in the film wasn't him? Why didn't his lawyers notice? Why didn't his family notice? The disease of Americana is a grave mental illness. 

Jack Ruby was mentally ill, and he was strung out on drugs. And, they knew both those things about him.  I'm sure they made sure he doubled up on his drugs- which he did, for reasons which have never been explained. They had enough experience with Jack Ruby and his adoration of the Dallas Police to know that if they told him he shot Oswald, that he would believe them.  

But, who knows, maybe they were coached in what to say to him to get him over any psychological hurdles of resistance he may have had to accepting it. I still think it's likely, very likely, that they gave him Scopolamine- the zombie drug. And he does look zombied after his arrest.

That is certainly not the normal countenance for someone who has just murdered someone and destroyed his entire life. 

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