Monday, April 9, 2018

So, Joseph Ball was questioning Joe Molina who was in the doorway, on the steps, at the top of the steps, and therefore very close to the figure known as Doorway Man, and yet, he didn't ask him about it. 

Do you know that Joseph Ball asked a woman named Mrs. Donald something about Doorman and who he was, and she wasn't even there that day. So, why didn't he ask Joe Molina?

That Joseph Ball only asked certain individuals about Doorman means that it was a controlled situation- that he was controlling the outcome before he began. 

And the one guy you'd think he would have questioned directly about it, Billy Lovelady, is the one guy he questioned indirectly about it. At no time did Ball point to Doorman and ask Billy, "Is this you?" How hard was it to do that? How much more direct could he get than that? Instead, Ball played games with arrows, and both of them talked around it. It really was ridiculous, like a Who's on first, What's on the second routine. 

It's one thing for lonenutters to defend the integrity of the Warren Commission. But, anyone who recognizes that Oswald was framed and innocent should realize that there was nothing honest and forthright about anything the Warren Commission did. Everything they did started with the objective of framing Oswald of demonstrating his guilt. So, how could they possibly allow anyone to say that he was standing in the doorway during the shooting? They couldn't. They wouldn't. They didn't. They made sure no one said that. And that's why it has absolutely no probative value that none of their witnesses said it. 

You don't have to be a genius to realize it. You have to be a dunce not to realize it. 

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