Monday, April 30, 2018

This is a concise statement from the Wizard describing the evidentiary basis for James Bookhout being the Garage Shooter by the elevator with the three detectives. 

"With the pictures and overlays we can show that the young Bookhout photos are definitely Bookhout because they match his son in his younger days (in fact, the Impostor himself also matches the son and other Bookhout relatives.)"

"We can show that young Bookhout matches the Imposter, with a slow gif showing the eyes appearing in their sockets at the correct places in a quite sinister manner." 

"We can show that the Impostor does not match Ruby." 

"A fusion of the Young Bookhout photo and the less clear ROTC face shows that they are the same person. Again, those close-set Northern European eyes are helpfully distinctive." 

"The ROTC face matches that of the Imposter very well." 

"The young Bookhout face matches Bookhout's face in the basement, as he watches Oswald being carried out on the stretcher."

"It all links together."

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