Monday, April 2, 2018

This is the Altgens doorway as it appeared in the Portland Oregonian newspaper on Saturday, November 23. You see how amorphous and non-elbow-like the white blotch is.

And that is about how it looks in the October 1964 LIFE magazine that I have. It looks nothing like this:

That's all just photoshopping. It's not that that detail was there and they brought it out; rather, it's that they put that detail in. That portly man was standing there with both arms crossed across his chest, and somebody tried to white-out his face. That's the reality. Why did they do it? We can only speculate about that. Perhaps they didn't want the man to be put on the spot to identify Doorman, having stood so close to him. But, it certainly is a freaky image, with that, with the faceless man behind, with the very weird fusing of Doorman and Black Tie Man. This image is non-reproducible. I've tried to reproduce it. And when you try to reproduce it, what you get is something real, in which people look normal.

I had the guy stand like that just to mock the idiots who claim that that is how Obfuscated Man stood. Who in real life would stand like that? Nobody would. 

This really is a disgusting, revolting image:

It is an image of blood: the blood of John F. Kennedy. And those, today, in 2018, who defend this image, and say it's legit, are killers. They are killers of John F. Kennedy. They shoot him in the head every day of their rotten, miserable lives. 

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