Sunday, April 29, 2018

It is obvious to anyone with common sense and an uncorrupted mind that these are different men wearing different clothes.

But, the official story has it that that's Lovelady on the left and then again on the right 15 minutes later. So, it means he would have had to button up his shirt, right? But then, 11 years after the image on the right appeared, they offered this image, supposedly of Lovelady.
So, does that look to be Gorilla Man all over again?

Why would anyone think that those two are the same guy? Their heads are a different shape. The guy on the left has got a sunken chest, while the guy on the right has got a burly chest. The guy on the right has got pocket-flap, while the guy on the left does not. And notice that the guy on the left has got cigarettes in the pocket, but the guy on the right not. Yet, the guy on the right was smoking. So, where'd he get the cigarette? Did he bum it off somebody? How about the lady in the curlers? The one in the scarf? 

Note that none of these TSBD celebrities could have been there at the time. All were, by their own admission, inside the building at the time. That's Lovelady, Williams, and Arce. 

But, getting back to the image at the PD, there is another version of it that did not appear until 2009. 

Who wants to claim that these two are the same man at the same moment, the same second in time?

Those two are the same guy? The guy on the left must have weighed 30 pounds more, at least. Maybe 40 pounds more. and Look how different his shirt is arranged. Look how different his hair is. He has it combed back like Robert DiNiro in The Deer Hunter. The other guy has a comb-over going on.

The evil of it all. That's what gets me. The willingness to endorse and force the preposterous out of nothing but thuggery. Oh, it is a wicked world, a wicked country, and a wicked JFK community populated by pinks and punks. But, the truth shall overcome. It shall smite them like the Cross to Dracula. But, I guarantee you that there shall never be forgiveness. There shall never be anything but bitter, lasting contempt- for these people.  

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