Sunday, April 1, 2018

Continuing with our analysis of "out with Bill Shelley in front", this is the latest content added to the OIC website. And note that this is not altering; it is bolstering. The only thing I altered was removing Jim Fetzer's reference to Carolyn Arnold seeing Oswald eating in the 2nd floor lunch room at 12:25. That was HIS reference, not MINE. And it, unfortunately, is a widely accepted mistake. Oliver Stone depicted it in JFK the movie. As recently as October 2017, Bill Simpleton, Oswald's so-called lawyer in Houston, cited the very same thing. But, as Dr. McKnight and I have explained, it is bogus, and what remains standing is Carolyn Arnold's first report to the FBI on November 25, 1963, in which she said she saw Oswald at the doorway. Here's the new content: 

And, think about what it means to be "with" somebody. It means to be situationally tied to them, where you are doing something together, if only standing around. If you're standing in a crowd, you could be shoulder to shoulder with someone, but you're not "with" them. But, Oswald said he was "with Bill Shelley in front." Well, that certainly didn't happen after the assassination because the time doesn't allow it. Oswald got home at 1:00. He was spotted in the Texas Theater at 1:07 by Butch Burroughs, the popcorn man. Upon leaving the TSBD, Oswald had to walk 6 blocks down Elm Street, take the bus, get mired on the bus, get off the bus after waiting for a transfer ticket, walk 6 blocks to the bus depot, get a taxi, engage with a woman who also wanted the taxi and offer it to her, then ride the taxi for 2 miles through heavy traffic to a spot 6 blocks past his boarding house and then walk back. Then, he had to change his pants, presumably get his pistol (it's just a presumption the pistol was there) and do whatever else he did before leaving. How does that leave time for him to be "with" anybody out front after the assassination? The clock was ticking. So, if Oswald saw Bill Shelley in front as he was leaving, it's likely he would have said that he saw Bill Shelley, not that he was "with" Bill Shelley. Words have very specific meanings; it's one of the beautiful things about the English language. And the meaning of "being with" someone is that you are implanted in a spot or engaged in an activity with that person. And that can't possibly be true of Oswald as he was leaving the TSBD since there was no time for it. But really, this is overkill because we have solid evidence from multiple witnesses, including Shelley, and his capture in a film which shows that Shelley left immediately with Billy Lovelady for the railroad tracks and did not return to the front. We can see him doing it. So, Bill Shelley was NOT there when Oswald left for home. And therefore "out with Bill Shelley in front" could ONLY and necessarily refer to the time of the motorcade. That is when Lee Harvey Oswald was out with Bill Shelley in front.

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