Wednesday, April 18, 2018

To the people who think that Jack Ruby was involved in the JFK assassination and that he killed Oswald at the behest of JFK's killers, you have some explaining to do. 

1. If Ruby knew that he was going to kill Oswald, then he knew he was going away forever, that he was never returning to his life and his business. So, wouldn't he have done things to prepare for that? Instead, he goes to commit the murder bringing his dog along and leaving her in the car? Why would he have brought the dog along if he knew he wasn't going back to the car?

2. Oswald was scheduled to be moved at 10:00. So, wouldn't Ruby have showed up before 10 if he planned to shoot Oswald? And if you think the Dallas Police signaled Ruby from the window, how? When was such an arrangement made? What's the evidence for it? And why was such an arrangement made? Why was it necessary? Why not just tell Ruby the time the night before and be done with it? Why get involved with signaling? 

3. If you think the Dallas Police conspired WITH Ruby, how? When people conspire together it's because they all expect to gain. They all expect to come out smelling like a rose. If they didn't think so, they wouldn't do it. You can't have a conspiracy with the plan being that one of the conspirators is going to lose everything: his freedom, his business, his reputation, his beloved dogs, and his very life.  Are you aware that the Dallas Police forced Ruby to undergo a rectal examination that afternoon, under the guise that he may have hidden a firearm in his rectum? So, how could they have put him through that if they were conspiring with him? And how could he have been conspiring with them?

4. If you think Ruby conspired with the Dallas Police to kill Oswald, then it means he had something on them. He had the goods on them. So, how could they trust him to keep his mouth shut? He lived 3 years. And even if he told them beforehand that he would keep his mouth shut, how could they trust him? How could they believe him? There's this thing that people do: it's called "changing your mind." So, what if he changed his? How could the Dallas Police sleep at night knowing that their fate rested in the hands of Jack Ruby? What if he sang like a canary?  

5. And, one blithering idiot is saying that Ruby did sing, that he spilled his guts to Dorothy Kilgallen. That is ridiculous. All we have are general statements from Kilgallen that she was going to blow the case wide open, that it was the scoop of the century, etc. You can't surmise anything that Ruby told her from that. And, if Ruby decided that he was finally going to tell the truth, why would he tell her, and just her? This is what Kilgallen said after meeting Ruby: 

“Jack Ruby’s eyes were as shiny brown-and-white bright as the glass eyes of a doll. He tried to smile but his smile was a failure. When we shook hands, his hand trembled in mine ever so slightly, like the heartbeat of a bird.”

Trembling? And that's the guy who was throwing people down the stairs repeatedly? Do you realize how many stories we have about Ruby throwing someone down the stairs? When he wanted to evict somebody from his nightclub, instead of throwing them out the door, he would throw them down the stairs into his own basement. That's the kind of crap we've been told. 

6. When somebody asks you kill somebody and throw away your whole life- not kill somebody and get away with it, but kill somebody and go directly to jail and then to the electric chair- why would ANYBODY do it? Or else what? There is no what else because NOTHING, absolutely nothing was as bad as what Ruby got. Nothing they could have threatened him with could have been as bad as the outcome he got. And don't tell me they threatened to hurt or kill his sister. If someone threatened to hurt or kill YOUR sister, you're not going to go murder someone for them, are you? So, what are you going to do? First, you are going to seek to protect your sister, right? Get her to a safe place. Get her a bodyguard, or be her bodyguard.  Second, you'd report them to the police, wouldn't you? Well, Jack Ruby knew the police, and he thought they were his friends. Wouldn't he go to them? Third, how likely was it that they would have followed through on that threat anyway? They had nothing to gain by hurting or killing Ruby's sister. And it's not like killing someone comes with no inconvenience or risk. If Ruby was smart, he would have realized that it was probably just an empty threat. But, there was no threat at all. There isn't the slightest twig of evidence that there was. And no one has the right to make it up. Either you have solid evidence that Ruby was threatened, or you have nothing. This isn't Imagination Day at Kindergarten, and I don't care about what your imagination is capable of dreaming up. I am only interested in facts. If you have evidence that Ruby was threatened, lay it out. But, if you don't, then STFU. Capisce? 

7. The fact is that not only did Ruby not expose any conspiracy in the murder of Oswald, but he repeatedly and vociferously denied that there was a conspiracy. So, how could he have told Dorothy Kilgallen otherwise? It would have been a complete reversal of himself; of all his public statements. How could he explain that? And why would the consequences of telling be any less severe if the announcement came from Dorothy Kilgallen rather than Ruby himself? If the shoe was going to drop, it was going to drop either way, right? So, if he was going to tell her, why not tell everybody? 

8. If the conspirators knew that Ruby was sitting on a powder keg, with them being the ones getting blown up, why would they trust him?  Even for a day? Why wouldn't they kill him pronto? They could have said that he got killed while trying to escape. Isn't that what they did to John Liggett, the embalmer they got to work on JFK's body who cracked up afterwards and wound up in jail? The very fact that Jack Ruby lived for 3 years should tell you that he didn't know a damn thing. If he did, he would have been a dead man walking. If he knew anything at all, how could they possibly trust him when he was a compulsive talker? 

9. When Ruby saw the tapes, supposedly of himself shooting Oswald, his only response was that he didn't remember the garage being so crowded. I'm sure it wasn't when he was there. I'm sure they did it with just a skeleton crew. But, think about what it means. It means that he didn't recognize the whole setup. He didn't remember shooting Oswald, and he didn't recognize the whole setup. There's a reason for it, and the reason is that he wasn't there. He was there at another time; an earlier time; with a different setup. So, if you think that Ruby was conscious of everything, why would he make such a remark? Why would he say that he didn't remember the garage being so crowded? Why wouldn't he remember it if he was there when it was crowded? 

10. Why do people who recognize that Oswald didn't shoot Kennedy and that the world has been lied to about it for nearly 55 years, have such difficulty accepting that the Jack Ruby is innocent too? And don't tell me it's because millions saw him do it on television because millions saw SOMEBODY do it on television, but there is nothing about the Shooter that requires him to be Jack Ruby. You can't see his face, so you can't claim to know that he was Jack Ruby. It's not that you saw him; it's just that you heard everyone say that it was him. It was the hearing, not the seeing. And as for what Ruby said, he said this: 

"I have no memory of shooting Oswald, and I had no plan or intention to shoot him. But, Dallas Police told me that I did it, so I have to believe them because they wouldn't lie to me. So, if they said I did it, I must have done it. But, that is the only basis for me saying it."

That's all we have from him. Do you understand that? It's not a confession. It's just him saying that if they said I did it, I must have done it. 

In other words, he was just deferring to them. He found out that he shot Oswald the same way everyone else found out: by hearing it from the Dallas Police. 

People, we are at the point now that if you don't grasp that Jack Ruby was innocent, then you are completely in the dark about the JFK assassination. You might as well know nothing at all. You are totally under the thumb of the perpetrators. There is no light; there is no awareness without realizing that this very decent, generous, and good-hearted Jewish man, Jack Ruby, was innocent.  


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