Monday, April 23, 2018

As I look at this, here's how I think they did it. Most of the people were really there, including Gorilla Lovelady, the Danny Arce surrogate, and the Bonnie Ray Williams surrogate. It was long after the assassination. But, they decided afterwards to put the woman in curlers and the woman in the scarf in there. My basis for saying that is that they don't move. Not a bit. Not in the slightest. Not so much as a twitch. And who could they be? Who goes to watch the President of the United States with her hair up in curlers?  How often do you see a woman with her hair up in curlers on the street anyway? 

What could that be except curlers? A freaky hair style? But, why should we accept that any more than curlers? 

But, look at the clip again and notice that the two ladies, one in curlers, the other in a scarf, do not move.

So, I think they made the clip, and then they decided in post-production to add those two ladies. Notice that Lovelady's head turns left right through the woman in curlers as though she isn't there. So, why did they add them? It's anyone's guess. But, look again at the close-up.

What is that blackness beneath the white question mark? And don't tell me it's shadow. Is it perhaps a pot belly, which that guy had but Lovelady didn't? Or, did they think that her being there would provide an excuse for the open shirt sprawl not showing, which they forgot entirely about? 
So, why then did they put the other lady in? Well, if they didn't put her in, then Gorilla Man and the woman in curlers would seem to be standing inordinately close for a non-couple. So, she justifies the other woman being so close to Gorilla Man. 

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