Wednesday, April 25, 2018

In this image, we are seeing Hillary from the side, and it is a very acute angle. It's much more acute than Gorilla Man. The center line of the camera is going through her on a coronal plane.

Yet, we still can see that her jacket is open; it is splayed open. So, how could the guy on the right have his shirt splayed open like the guy on the left?
Contrary to Hillary, we can see some of the right side of his body. The line of the camera is not going through the coronal plane of his shoulders and dividing his body into anterior and posterior halves. Far from it. The line of the camera is going through him diagonally, and the camera is to his left. The camera is in front of him. It isn't directly in front of him, but it is in front of him.  Look how much the camera would have to swing around to duplicate Hillary's angle. If he had an open splay like Doorman, we would see it plainly and largely and abundantly. The idea that we are looking at the same guy there in the same shirt isn't just false; it is outrageously false; outlandishly false; and preposterously false.  And that's why I say to claim that these two are the same guy is downright evil. It is an attack on the mind- your mind. This isn't even close. It is an outrage that anyone would make this claim. 

The JFK assassination world is a Bizarro World. And it is a very evil world.  

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