Tuesday, April 10, 2018

OIC Chairman Larry Rivera sent me this graphic that he made, which I added to the Overview page of the OIC website.

You notice that Larry refers to the figure circled in red as "Obfuscated Man". Larry agrees with me and Jim Fetzer that the man's face was obfuscated because they did not want him to be recognized in the photo. 

Joseph Ball, who investigated the Doorman question for the Warren Commission by showing the photo to a few TSBD employees NEVER sought to identify anyone else in the photo. He never asked anyone: "Who's the guy merged with Doorman?" Or, "Who is the guy wearing the skinny tie but no jacket?" OR "Do you have any idea who the guy with with both hands up shading his eyes is? It seems like he should have been interested because once he identified them, he could have gone them and said: "Look, you were standing very close to this disputed figure. So, you must know who he is. Who was he?" 

Of course, it's a very bizarre photo, and this is exactly what it looked like to Ball.

So, it was a crop of the Altgens photo, but it wasn't just the doorway. And, I suspect that they did that on purpose knowing that the closer you come in, the worse it looks. And again, I will point out that there is no other image like this in the entire world of photography.

Nowhere in the entire world of photography is there another image in which a man visoring his eyes has his entire face blackened out. It doesn't exist, and it can't exist, meaning that no one with a camera could reproduce that image. No one could reproduce an image in which two people are as merged and conjoined as are Doorman and Black Tie Man. And as for Obfuscated Man:

The short white line points to the point of his right shoulder, which means the top of his arm because the head of the humerus is located in the glenoid cavity of the scapula. So, that is where the top of his right arm is where you see that line. But, if that's his right elbow where it says E?, then how does that elbow reach and articulate with that right arm? It doesn't. They aren't lined up correctly.
So, if we assume that the x represents the olecranon process of the ulna, that is, the big elbow bone that you would use as a weapon if you were going to elbow somebody as they do in MMA fighting. And then the line going up to the wrist represents the axis of the forearm. So, if that is the axis of the forearm (and I am only speaking hypothetically because I insist that that is photoshopping), but if we assume, for the sake of argument, that that is the axis of the forearm, then where is the axis of the upper arm? Well, I showed you were the top of the upper arm is. I drew a line to it. So, that would mean that this has to be the axis of the upper arm.

 But, that is ridiculous. And plus, look how short that makes the upper arm: much shorter than the forearm. But, that's not true. The upper arm is longer than the forearm. There is no way to make that work in an anatomically correct manner. But, if it was possible, and if it was happening, we would see it. There would be a long expanse of upper arm there in plain view. Although as I said, the distance isn't even long enough. 

No, there is absolutely no doubt that that man was standing with both arms crossing his chest. The white tarantula on top of his face is just something that was added to cover up his face.  And then, they came up with the idea to claim that it's an elbow, which is complete, total utter nonsense from people who know nothing about human anatomy and kinesiology. 

Maybe I'll put this up on the OIC site. 

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