Monday, April 2, 2018

Amy, and the Wizard, and I have been discussing the hunt for images of James Bookhout. You realize there is a complete dearth of any images of him from the JFK assassination. For many months, Backes tried to claim that a tall Dallas detective, Fritz's secretary, was Bookhout, but that got shot down. Then, they tried to foist this freaky image of a pipe smoker off as Bookhout. It most certainly is not him. 

But, I made the point that if we find one, it will probably be something very obscure, like the ones already found. We're not going to find a frank, bold, plain-as-day image of him because that's something they would have removed from the photographic record long ago. And by the way, I wrote to Constable Jim Bookhout, the son of James Bookhout, and I asked him: "Is that your Dad?" And he didn't reply. 

But, I have been looking, and I found this:

And when I found it, my first thought was: "What the hell? What is that hat doing there in the center of the picture a little right of center?" Consider the story of the picture. The story is that these detectives are moving Oswald out of that office. In other words, they are moving towards us. That's Boyd on our right and Hall behind Oswald. And they are moving towards us. But, that weird hat slightly right of center is going the other way. But how? Because there's a guy right in front of him that is also coming out towards us. Close inspection revealed to me that that hat is not connected to a body. It's just a hat. It is just a hat plopped into the picture.

They added that hat to cover up the face of the man behind Hall. That's Hall on our left and Boyd on our right. Behind Hall is another man coming out the same way. We can't see his face because of that hat. But, it's nothing but a hat. Notice that the man behind Hall is carrying a notebook. Well, Bookhout took notes during the Oswald interrogations. That means he had to have something in which to write them. How about a notebook? How about that somebody stuck that hat in there to cover up Bookhout's face? There really isn't anything in that picture that is associated with that hat. There is no bodily part for which you can say, "that goes with this hat." Look at it again large.

We are never gong to uncover all the photographic alteration that was done in the JFK assassination. The JFK assassination is the most photographically altered event of all time- and by a wide margin. Nothing else even comes close to it. Nothing that the Soviets or the Nazis ever did even comes close. The JFK assassination is the Mother of all photographically altered events. 

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