Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Oswald told his interrogators that he was standing in the doorway during the shooting, and their attempts to lie about it are blatant lies. Not just lies, but blatant lies.

For instance, Hosty and Bookhout wrote that Oswald said he "was on the first floor" when the President passed the building. But, nobody would say such a thing. We're talking about an innocent man explaining where he was when the crime occurred. He's got nothing to hide, right? Because he's innocent, right? So, he's going to say exactly where he was and what he was doing. 

The first floor isn't a location for a person. A person is a small. The first floor was big and vast. Air filled the first floor; not a person. A person doesn't occupy the first floor. Nobody would use the whole floor as his alibi. If Oswald was on the first floor, he would say precisely where he was on the first floor and precisely what he was doing. A person isn't a tree or a statue. A person is always doing something. The alibi includes not just where you were but what you were doing. 

So, their very statement, that Oswald said that he was on the first floor when the President passed is evasive, duplicitous, and non-credible. He wouldn't have said that, just that, and nobody would. 

They also said that Oswald said that he went to lunch at approximately noon, and that he ate his lunch in the first floor lunch room. That is the exact wording. Twice, they referred to him eating lunch. So why, in his solo report did Bookhout claim that Oswald said that he ate lunch after the shooting and after his encounter with Truly and Baker? What changed? What changed is that their first report was filed on November 23 when Oswald was still living, and Bookhout's solo report was filed on November 25, after Oswald had died.  

Then Fritz, in his WC testimony, said that Oswald claimed to be eating with other employees during the shooting. But, that is impossible, and it is ridiculous to think that Oswald said it. Oswald ate at noon in the first floor lunch room, just as Hosty and Bookhout stated.  (they couldn't lie about everything) And he mentioned a couple of employees whom he saw at the time. That's all. There is no evidence for, and no reason to believe, that Oswald ever ate with anybody at the TSBD- on any day. He was anti-social. He was extremely anti-social. He was anti-social to the max. He took rides from Frazier, but he never ate with him. He never ate with anybody. What Fritz said was a bold-faced lie. 

So, we have established now, beyond any doubt, that both Fritz and Boohout lied, and they both contradicted each other, and it was about what Oswald said. How did this come about? It came about because what Oswald really said is that he was out with Bill Shelley in front during the motorcade, and neither one of them wanted to admit it. 

Once you realize that Oswald was not up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy, there is no place else but the doorway he could have been. He wasn't eating during the motorcade. He'd already eaten. He ate when they broke for lunch. Why wouldn't he? He had nothing else to do, and he hadn't eaten that day. So, he wasn't eating in the first floor lunch room during the motorcade, and he wasn't eating in the second floor lunch room during the motorcade (which was a place he NEVER ate). By 12:30 he was long done eating. And he wasn't drinking a Coke because he didn't get his Coke until AFTER his encounter with Truly and Baker at 12:31. Both of them said that he had no Coke when they saw him. So, he must have gotten it after they left. So, the Coke doesn't enter the picture until AFTER the assassination. So, look at what we have established. We have established that Oswald was not eating during the assassination. We have established that he was not drinking during the assassination. He certainly wasn't up on the 6th floor shooting at Kennedy during the assassination. What else could he have been doing except viewing the motorcade from the doorway? There is nothing else. He wasn't working. He wasn't writing a love letter to Marina or Judyth (cough, cough). There is nowhere else but the doorway he could have been.  It's either the 6th floor or the doorway: take your choice. You have no other options- unless you pull something from out your ass.  

And the other side knows it: that once  you reject the 6th floor, there is no place but the doorway for Oswald. and that's why they came up with the ridiculous Prayer Man idea. And that's why the ridiculous, stupid Prayermanites receive awards from Debra Conway and the Mary Ferrell Foundation. The Prayer Man claim puts Oswald in the doorway but on a false basis. And therefore, it does not endanger the official story. It secures it. It's so ridiculous that it makes Oswald in the doorway a dead end. And that's why they like it because it diverts from the true story, that Oswald was in the doorway as the Altgens Doorman and the first Wiegman Doorman (the second Wiegman Doorman was fake and inserted). 

This is all cut and dry. It's beyond dispute. Anyone who defends Oswald should be totally at rest and at peace about this. This is part of the body of knowledge now. And anyone who doesn't know it and admit it is either grossly uninformed, or they are just working for the other side.   

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