Sunday, April 8, 2018

Holy Cow!  He's just moving on! I posted this image with the phony hat, waiting for him to pick up the gauntlet and deny it and defend it. But, he can't do it!

So, he's just moving on. He's got nothing to say about it. It means that even he knows that this is shit:

And the thing is: he doesn't care. It doesn't matter to him. Even knowing that someone put that hat in there to mislead the public and provide false information, he just moves on to something else, trying to change the subject.  
If you're a real and honest researcher, when someone shows you an image with what appears to be malicious manipulation, you are interested. You want to find out about it. You want to talk about it. You don't change the subject. You don't move on. This guy is wearing the wrong colors. His true colors are: red. 

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