Saturday, April 14, 2018

It is a horrific what has happened tonight with the air strikes on Syria by the US, the UK, and France. They bombed a densely populated area in the city of Damascas, the most populous city in Syria. 

Assad did NOT use chemical weapons. He has consented to independent chemical weapons inspectors coming Syria to investigate the Douma incident, and those inspectors deployed on Tuesday, just three days ago.  They were supposed to begin their work today, Saturday. 

Here is an interview with the former British ambassador to Syria, Peter Ford, who says that the Douma chemical attacks were staged. Vlad Putin also says that the attacks were staged.

We, the nation that used napalm, dioxin, and Agent Orange in Vietnam, and white phosphorus and depleted uranium in Iraq, have the nerve to accuse Assad of using chemical weapons. 

Look what happened today at the United Nations. The Russians said they have already done their own preliminary investigation finding no victims, and they asked for a Security Council vote on sending UN inspectors to Syria. But, the U.S. vetoed it. WHY?

How could Assad be insane enough to use chemical weapons? And what? Fulfill all the monster allegations against him? Don't you think he is on his own side? Don't you think he has his own self-interest at heart? Don't you think he's not an idiot and a hell of a lot smarter than Donald Trump? He's an eye doctor, you know. There is insanity going on here, but it isn't by Assad, and it isn't by Putin. 

I am waiting for the casualties report. Any and all casualties will be more murderous blood on the hands of Donald Trump. 

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