Sunday, April 22, 2018

I replaced the pixelated image of Doorman with this one in this collage.

It really is brazen to claim that these are the same man wearing the same clothes 15 minutes apart. You can see that the man on the right has his shirt flush with his chest all the way up to his neck. The other man has a huge, gaping spread in his shirt. And look at the upper left of Oswald's shirt, his collar and below. 

Why would the flashy shirt pattern that we see on the right not show up there? And why would the long narrow face on the left become so ape-like on the right? And look how the neck of the guy on the right projects forward.
That is quite unusual. It's very unusual. And, it's obvious that the guy on the left has a vertical neck.  Claiming that these two are the same man is a very bizarre thing, and it is really based on nothing but punkery. And, that's why they get punks to do it. 

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