Thursday, April 19, 2018

Gotta love this from the Wizard:

It's in response to my question about the path that the shooter took to get to Oswald and to Amy's gif below:


I was thinking about that recently, in the context of what little I can remember from seeing it as a kid on the assassination weekend. I can't say exactly what was shown live (as previously discussed; that is another story) but in the footage shown later on TV the one thing I do remember was some sort of backward movement, or some hesitation. They must have shown the KRLD film.

After my more recent, and detailed, viewings in the last 18 months, it's clear that he does take a step back before diving into the swarm, as if steadying himself for the dive. His legs do a rapid shuffle to get him into that position. It looks superficially as if he is doing it to get a better aim, but he has already fired and does not fire again. (I'm sure that he could have got at least one more shot off in that time, btw.)

I've said it before, but he is motoring under his own steam until he is in the swarm. Leavelle and Graves don't grab his neck and "push" him down until he has actually bent forward. In the slow motion KRLD Harrison seems to push him back slightly, but not strongly, and then grip him under the arm and guide him in. The fingers of Harrison's left hand are open during his "push". This is after Blackie has responded to a gunshot by putting the cigar in his mouth - prior to taking anti-gunman action.

Sassa turns and has is back to the camera, covering Bookhout from the KRLD camera until the last possible second.

Note the expression of Leavelle in the film frame: in contrast to the Jackson photo, in which he looks aghast, in this film frame he seems to be watching the shooter very carefully to see which way he moves. You can rehearse only so much.


RC: Notice in the KRLD slow footage you sent me that Leavelle looks away to his right as Bookhout is coming in. And he doesn't just look right but he turns his whole head. Why? Because he knew he wasn't going to do anything, and he didn't want to get caught looking. Yet, he went on to claim that he saw Jack Ruby, he saw the gun, he reacted, he tried to save Oswald, etc. Below the film is Leavelle from the Jackson photo to compare. Note his fiercer growl. 

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