Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Tale of an Idiot

Bart Kamp: "What also needs to be taken into consideration is that Lovelady left for the railroad yard almost straight after the shooting had stopped, and said he went back in through the side entrance and ended taking police officers up in the elevator. Yet Lovelady is filmed standing outside on the TSBD steps afterwards by John Martin and Robert Hughes at about 12:50. And it looks like he is waiting to get in. Danny Garcia is there, as is Bonnie Ray Williams. Did Lovelady see Oswald leave then? Which would mean he left much later than has been acknowledged. Lovelady was extremely economical with the truth during his Warren Commission testimony as I already pointed out earlier."

Ralph Cinque: Kamp referred to Danny Garcia, but he meant Danny Garcia Arce. That was his full name.  

So, the brilliant Bart Kamp recognized that there is a contradiction between what Lovelady said and what this film purportedly shows. So, what does he do? Does he start at the beginning and admit to himself that either Lovelady lied or the film is a lie? No! He just automatically assumes that Lovelady lied and the film is true; that it is authentic and real. His mind goes nowhere near questioning the authenticity of the film. And yet, there are so many reasons screaming at him to question its validity. One: it was never cited until 1966: three years after the assassination. Two: it is said to be from the Martin film, but we don't see it in any intact versions of the Martin film, and qualitatively it is very different from the Martin film. Three: it contradicted not only Lovelady but also Shelley, who said he that accompanied Lovelady to the railroad tracks, and also Frazier, who said that Shelley and Lovelady left immediately but he didn't. Four: not only could Lovelady not have been there milling around outside the TSBD 15 or 20 minutes after the assassination, but neither could the other two notables in it: Bonnie Ray Williams and Danny Arce. Bonnie Ray was up on the 5th floor during the shooting, and we have a photograph of him at the window, and he said that when he and Jarman and Norman came down that they were encountered by and questioned by policemen, and that these policemen were not letting anyone leave. So, how could Bonnie Ray be milling around outside like he had never come inside? But, he was inside. He was already inside. We have picture of him inside.

But, the other thing is that the guy in the image can't possibly be Bonnie Ray because Bonnie Ray was extremely skinny at the time.

Look how pencil-thin Bonnie Ray's arm is on the left, but not so on the right. Look on the right how the man has a lot of hairline recession, that he has much more scalp showing and a widow's peak. Look how much longer Bonnie Ray's neck is on the left. It's not even the same shirt, is it? That guy on the right isn't Bonnie Ray Williams; he is a Bonnie Ray Williams lookalike. And they certainly didn't have a Bonnie Ray Williams lookalike there on 11/22/63. I told you that this clip wasn't "discovered" until 1966, which means that in all probability it was made, shot, in 1966. After all, why would they sit on it? If they thought they needed it, they'd have released it right away. So, this whole thing is like a reenactment that was apparently done in 1966.

Likewise, the Danny Arce figure isn't him. Danny is hispanic, and he is rather dark-skinned; much darker than that guy.
They don't even look alike. The claim that that white guy walking from our right to our left at the bottom of the steps is Danny Arce is just a claim, a lip-flap. And it contradicts Arce's testimony because he too said he left right away for the railroad tracks after the shooting.

Mr. BALL. Did you look back at the building?
Mr. ARCE. No, I didn't think they came from there. I just looked directly to the railroad tracks and all the people started running up there and I just ran along with them.
Mr. BALL. Did you go up to the railroad tracks?
Mr. ARCE. Yeah. 

So, Danny wasn't milling around in front of the TSBD after the shooting either. He, like Shelley and Lovelady, joined the throng of people who descended on the railway yard. 

And that brings us to the Billy Lovelady figure in the clip, whom we warmly refer to as "Gorilla Man". 

Was he Billy Lovelady? I'm afraid not.

Look at the difference in the size and shape of the head, the neck, the ears, the nose. If you are going to say that those two are the same man, then you might as well say that any two men on Earth are the same man. 

So, Bart Kamp, let me remind you of something: this is the JFK assassination we are talking about. What did Kevin Costner as Jim Garrison tell us? He told us that we are through the Looking Glass, people. That up is down, that in is out, that black is white. 

Do you remember the end of Chinatown? This guy says to Jack Nicholson's character Jake Gittis, "It's Chinatown, Jake." Well, "it's the JFK assassination, Bart." And because it's the JFK assassination, you can't just assume that a film clip that surfaces 3 years later is legit. This clip is screaming out loud phony:

And, if you're going to fall for it, hook, line, and sinker, you are either extremely stupid OR you're a phony yourself; you're one of those British Ops (of which there are many) who is pretending to lead the JFK truth movement when you are really deliberately leading it astray - into the gutter. EVERYTHING about this clip is fake. Who is the guy being allowed in who looks eerily like Oswald from behind? Who is the old man in the fedora hat on the left? Who's the lady in curlers at the bottom? Who is the woman in the scarf next to her? Who is the guy in the orange hard hat walking by? This was just 15 minutes after the shooting, so who are all these people? Why would that old man in the fedora hat be standing at the top of the steps? Do you realize that the place is like a cave? It's deep; it's high; and it's narrow. If he didn't work there, he had no business being there. And if he worked there, who was he? 

Who is the old lady on the right? Was she there to pick up her grandson? You can't tell me she worked there. These were actors, and this is a phony clip. It was staged and filmed long afterwards. In all probability, it was made 3 years afterwards in 1966, the year that it entered the JFK debate. 

What about Lovelady in the squad room? That clip didn't enter the JFK debate until the late 1970s during the HSCA. It went completely unnoticed and undiscovered until then. Fancy that. It's just more fakery in an ocean of fakery. 

People!  This is the JFK assassination. Don't you know that you have to have your wits about you at all times as you plod through every inch of it? Don't you know that you don't take anything for granted? Not a damn thing. Don't you know that the lengths that they would go to hide the truth is to the moon and back? That there is nothing that they won't do to keep the lie going, including kill people?   

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