Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I really like this collage by Larry Rivera, which is now up on the OIC website. And I concur that the identity of Obfuscated Man is most likely, and with a high degree of probability, Otis Williams. And note that Otis, when questioned, said he didn't recall who was standing in the doorway with him. He couldn't name a single person. Not one. Not even Joe Molina, who worked under Williams and said that they were together. Molina named Williams and quite a few others, but Williams named no one. 

I have said before, and it's true, that the TSBD was a CIA front company, doing espionage and other nefarious activity under the guise of school book distribution. Supposedly, the company provided text books to schools. So, how could the orders all be so small, to where the order-fillers could carry the books by hand, and Troy West, the solo "mailer" could wrap them with brown paper and string? Why weren't they shipping whole boxes of books to schools? Didn't I tell you that their customers were schools? 

And how could a company stay in business if they kept their inventory like this?

How is an "order filler" supposed to find anything in that mess? You notice that there is an open box on top of the stack. They didn't even bother to close them to keep vermin out. But, what if the book he needed was on the bottom of that stack?

Imagine if you just started working there. So, your invoice says that you need to get "Dick and Jane go to the zoo".  How are you supposed to find it? Do you just start pouring through those boxes? What?

The TSBD was a company with 75 employees. That's quite a few paychecks, isn't it? So, how many orders would they have to fill every day to crack that nut? How could 7 or 8 order fillers bringing small orders to 1 mailer generate enough revenue to pay all those salaries?

But, it doesn't mean that every single one of the 75 employees was in on what was really going on. Some of them just operated within the facade. 

Thank you, Larry Rivera. This is a very important find. 

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