Wednesday, April 4, 2018

This image is really VERY important. It is a VERY big find. And that's because there is no question that that hat is connected to nobody. It was put into the photo, and the purpose was to hide the face of James Bookhout, the man who shot at Oswald in the garage under the guise of being Jack Ruby. And, putting that hat there to cover up Bookhout's face was a crime: the obstruction of justice.

Somebody did that. Somebody put that hat there in a photographic manipulation, and whoever did it aided and abetted killers. It makes that person an accomplice to murder. 

We have become aware of this in 2018- almost 55 years after the fact.  But, that doesn't change anything. It still is what it is. And this is as much of a smoking gun as anything else you can cite in the case. And even though it concerns the death of Oswald, it also raises burning questions about the death of JFK. It discredits all the official claims about the death of JFK.  And that's because it is compelling that Oswald was killed for one reason: because he was innocent. There is no other reason why they would have done this. If he was guilty, they would have wanted to try him. Oswald was put to death because he could not be found guilty, and a trial of Oswald would have morphed into a trial of the Dallas Police and the FBI. It was simply impossible that they could go through with a trial.

Look at this photo closely because it is the face of the stark evil that was running this country at the time. The depth of the evil for them to callously and wantonly do what they did that weekend of November 22, 23, and 24th, killing three men in three days, and doing it like monsters. And then, when you consider all that followed, including the monstrous wars, including the recent ones (which have been nothing less than monstrous on our part, and I mean Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, to name four) you realize that we have been trapped in a downward spiral that began with the execution of JFK and Oswald in November 1963. 

There will be a reckoning. Time will not be their savior.  The evidence, now assembled, is indestructible. It is never going away. The monsters who did this will be brought to justice, (by history) and the monsters who looked the other way and made excuses for accepting their lies will be exposed as the cowards and quislings that they have been and still are.  

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